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New AC Plug for Rotel

I've been trying to find an AC power cable for my Rotel RCD-1072 CD player. It's a two prong configuration but all the two prongs that I have seen have the two circular plug configuration. You can check it out on the Rotel website in the archives section. I stopped by my HiFi shop on Saturday and lo ... Read More »

Pangea AC-9SE

It's been a very long time since I've posted anything here because my older computer (which finally crashed) wouldn't let me access the audioreview.com site. Now that I can, I really have something to shout about from the rooftops: the new Pangea PC-9SE power cord. I've posted previously about ... Read More »

power load on ac jack?

What kind of power load can the ac jack handle on the rear of a receiver? (sony str-v200 if it makes a difference). As of right now, I have a small sub hooked up to it since this sub doesn't have an auto on feature. I'm wondering if I can plug in a three way splitter into that jack and also plug in ... Read More »

AC Conditioners --- anybody use one?

I have an older HK receiver which i love. Problem is when i get a power surge/spike (happens more than i like) it erases all my memory settings. This is more of a HK design flaw than anything. Question is....would one of the these conditions/filters solve my problem? Two, do they really clean ... Read More »

Is this an Original AC/DC First edition High Voltage CD??

Hi the actual CD is silver with Blue colored stripes on it. Also it is Manufactured by Victor Company Of Japan. A division of Atlantic Recording Corporation. ATCO Records 7567-90410-2 PS: Im pretty sure what I have is not the 1990's remastered version as it has a different upc.Read More »