Mirage mx 5.1 subwoofer inquiry

I recently bought the Mirage MX 5.1 home theatre system. It sounds terrific overall except the subwoofer is working at minimal volume. It has two RCA jacks on the back of it, one L and one R. On my Denon reciever, it has a single subwoofer jack [B][I]and[/I][/B] a L and R jack as well. When I pl ... Read More »

Mirage 460's VS DCM KX10 Series II

First, hello to the community at large. I'd popped in before and decided to join. I truly am "Vintage / "Old School". I had to replace a Denon receiver and got a Nikko NR-715 rated at 180 watts for $19.99 & have a Nikko integrated amp for backup. I'm running a four speaker straight stereo with KL ... Read More »

Mirage M3-Si

Greetings All, a local dealer here in Atlanta will soon have a pair of Mirage M3-Si speakers for sale. I already have the M5-Si as my mains, MC-Si Center, M7-Si as my surrounds, and Polk RT/i8 as my back speakers. I was thinking of getting the M3-Si as my mains and then using the M5-Si as my surroun ... Read More »

Mirage OMNI 550 and 150

Vanns.com has both pairs for $450 out the door! Anyone had any luck with them?? I was thinking to use them together as fronts and backs just for music. I don't play music very load and I keep the bass at less then half on my Integrated amplifier. There Is a resturant around my way that has ... Read More »

Mirage M-3 si

I found a pair of mid 90,s Mirage M3 si speakers for sale and would like to know what other people in this forum thought of them, or if they have worked with them at all. They are sizable speakers so it would take some equipment moving to make them fit my room but I used to sell Mirage speakers back ... Read More »


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