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340 Watts of SET Amplification

Hello guys, i finally was able to get my 6 channels of external amplification of my speakers. Most of you know that i sold the Krell Reference Amps. Cant wait to get the controller boards and subwoofer amps back. Here are some pics :-) [IMG]http://gallery.audioreview.com/data/audio//505/F ... Read More »

A Surround Sound Processor with no amplification?

Hi, I have recently bought a Tannoy Surround Speaker system for by Home video/music studio (its was on sale & a bit of a rash purchase). The associated subwoofer contains all the amplification for the relevant speaker channels. Currently my audio is all routed via a TEAC mixing desk that does n ... Read More »

Who else uses Plinius amplification?

And what speakers do you use with it (or them if pre/power)? I'm in the fortunate position of having a) money and b) a CDLAD pre and 8200P power and a really nice cd player to use with some potential candidates. ThanksRead More »

amplification dilemma (for dynaudios 1.3)

Hi, I have a pair of speakers that I don't want to change (ever, if possible) - Dynaudio Contour 1.3mkII - but upstream, it's a different story: integrated amplifier is NAD C372 and CD player is NAD C542. Overall sound is not all that terrible, I admit, but still it's too crude and shallow for my t ... Read More »

Need Illumination on Amplification

Dear Friends, Need your advice / help on my current audio issue: I am in the midst of getting some amplification system. Main concerns are: ·Budget ·Sonic Performance ·Aesthetic & Convenience I already have a pair of B&W CDM 1NT, MIT InWall Speaker cables (may be upgraded later on), Vampi ... Read More »

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