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-- Maximizing Versatility & Connectivity, New 4” High SlimLine Chassis, Advanced Network Technologies, Front-Panel Inputs and More --   Mahwah, New Jersey, May 9, 2012 – Marantz, a world leader of advanced home entertainment solutions, today introduced the latest additions to its popular Sl ...    Read More »

Denon Launches “IN-Command Series™” Website to Promote New Line of Home Theatre Receivers

Denon Launches “IN-Command Series™” Website to Promote New Line of Home Theatre Receivers That Puts Consumers “In Command and Control” of All Their Home Entertainment -- Entertaining, Information-Rich Microsite Will Help Retailers, Custom Integrators and Consumers Understand and Maximize All ...    Read More »


-- Model NR 1402 and the Networking NR 1602 Build on Advanced Features Introduced in 2010 Models, Adding HDMI 1.4a 3D Capability, Bluetooth Compatibility and More -- June 21, 2011 – Marantz America, a world leader of advanced home entertainment solutions, today announced the introduction of two ne ...    Read More »

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Yamaha launches 2012 AV receivers

Yamaha has launched three new AV receivers for 2012, with key features including AirPlay, 4k2K support and WiFi. As well as DLNA, Yamaha's own MusicPlay streaming app, which allows you to stream from any smartphone, and a new AV Controller app for smartphones and tablets. The V73 range features t ... Read More »

Switching Receivers

Last night I decided to switch out my trusty Yamaha CR-550 for my Yamaha RX-V485 on my 2 channel system. The CR is from 1978 and the 485 I bought new in 1994. First album played was Marillion , Misplaced Childhood and I was floor by what I heard. The bass seemed tighter, highs were great, but the bi ... Read More »

Ohms switch on some receivers

When you have a receiver like some of the Kenwoods that have a ohms switch what does it actualy do? Like if you have 4 ohms speakers and you set it to less than 8 ohms what's the difference from having it less than 8 ohms or 8 ohms or more? I heard some people say that it's best to keep it to 8 ohms ... Read More »

1 more time - HT Receivers under $1000.00

My HK635 has been flaking out big time as of late. After playing sound from my OPPO, Disk or stream, the sound cuts out and the unit becomes unresponsive. I have to do a Hard Power Down and then back on to get use of remote or front controls, then it cuts out again. Also sends a loud crack or pop th ... Read More »

Receivers line frequency response

My current receiver says that for CDs DVDs, VCR, etc has a frequency response of 20hz to 20kHz +/- 1db but I wanted to know that will a receiver that is like the Sherwood RX-4105 or 4109 be better sounding since they go from 10hz to 100kHz +/- 3db? I just wanted to know that it is worth getting the ... Read More »

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