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Towers vs. Bookshelf Speakers

This weekend I was able to spend about an hour listening to my Jamo C 601 bookshelf speakers in the 14 x 14 room with the 10 foot ceiling. Hard wood floors and currently no furniture in it. I was absolutely stunned to feel the room shake when playing some Three Dog Night tunes at a moderate audi ... Read More »

Advice on smaller sized Bookshelf speakers

Hello, I am a rookie when it comes to audio. I currently have a mixed set of: Cambridge Soundworks ensemble IV satellites Cambridge Soundworks CenterStage Center channel Infinity PS28 Sub Receiver: Onkyo SR-605 I am looking at getting a smaller sized pair of bookshelf speakers as my main front ... Read More »

Need info on Acousti-Phase Bookshelf speakers, Mids replacements ! ?

Need info on Acousti-Phase Bookshelf speaker, midranges ?? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi ALL! I'm not much of an AudioFile. I've had these Acousti-Phase Bookshelf speakers for ..........EVER! I just noticed that the lower speakers on bo ... Read More »

Bookshelf speakers (stereo speakers and amp)

I had a set of book shelf speakers that is about 3 to 4 yrs old ([URL="http://support.jvc.com/consumer/product.jsp?archive=true&pathId=16&modelId=MODL028504"]JVC UX-LP5[/URL]). The display has faded quite a bit and the volume inc button doesnt work properly (basically it is on its way out). (it se ... Read More »

Bookshelf speakers under $200 for home gym

Hello guys/gals, I am in search of a pair of bookshelf speakers to pair with my receiver and sub. I'm looking for a 2.1 setup, as this system will only be used in my home gym. I listen to a wide variety of music including: Rap, hip-hop, new era rock, classic rock, and dubstep. I have ... Read More »

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