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DVD Players and FIFO Buffers

Is there any truth to the rumor that one reason that DVD players make good CD players is that they use a FIFO buffer internally between their digital and analog sections?Read More »

DVD Players that can decode LPCM 24/96

Hi all, I have a simple audio setup that is a Rega Mira 3 amplifier, a pair of Rega Jura floor standers and up to now a Pioneer DV-370 as a player feeding it with LPCMs coded at 24 bit 96 kHz (sources not upsampled). Unfortunately the Pioneer decided to die today so I am after an inexpensive DVD ... Read More »

Two DVD Players Down

Man, I can’t believe how finicky these DVD players are. Have two 3 years old DVD players hooked up to TV (Koss, Toshiba), and in last couple of months they staring behaving erratically by sometimes not reading the discs or skipping. So I said to myself that they probably need a cleaning. So ... Read More »

are dvd players now disposable?

my second dvd player has stopped working. It is a four year old panasonic. The other player was a nice denon that crapped out after 3 years. why do players not last that long? I have a Sony 5 disk that I purchased in 1987 and it still works fine. Is the saying true, they just don't make them ... Read More »

Choosing between two out-dated DVD players

I am looking for a conventional DVD player with multichannel analog audio outputs, hdmi upconversion to at least 720p, and an a/v lip-sync setting. I seem to have narrowed it down to either the Denon 2930ci or the Sony ns3100es. Here's my dilemma: It appears as though the 2930ci is a much newer a ... Read More »

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