Sumiko Primare DVD30 DVD Players


  • PureCinema Progressive Scan (2-3 Pulldown)
  • 108MHz/12bit VideoDAC for high-quality DVD pictures
  • Twin-Wave Laser Pickup for CD/Video
  • Resume Function (DVD, Video CD)
  • Multi-channel DVD Audio Playback
  • Multi-channel SACD Playback (1 bit)
  • MP3 Playback Capability
  • Bass Management

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rob   AudioPhile [Aug 26, 2010]

This is a review for the CD player portion of this amazing player. I have not moved it out of the stereo room.
I've had dacs, transports, media libraries, you name it. This is the best CD sould from any player I've heard. Run it balanced to your preamp. Your CDs will never ever sound better. SACD was really good also, DVD-A that I've burned to DVD from flac files was really good also, but I have no reference to compare them to. But I do have 500+ cds and it competes with my turntable for attention, which is quite an accomplishment. Runs fast, had a problem with only 1 disc. Display could be larger. Give it good power, a good stable shelf and you will be happy.

Sonefree   AudioPhile [Mar 27, 2006]

Fantastic CD-player


DVD-audio cound have been bether

This review is only for the sound of DVD30, since I think most DVD-players do the job with pictures, almost the same. At least if you have seperate video scaler.
What I wanted is an multi-player. I don't want 2 seperate players, because I like it clean and simple. The prob. is of cause that 2-channel product in 95% of the cases, are bether than multi-channel products in stereo.
At least you have to pay a lot to get good stereo from multi-channel products.
What is great for uss stereo freaks, is that a lot of high-end produsers, have started to make multi-players.
I'm talking about Linn, Meridian, Naim, Primare, Arcam ect.
When this companies makes multi-players, sound comes first, and that's what I like.
First of all the DVD30 have bought a lot from Pioneer. The mekanisem is the same as Pioneers top players. Also a lot of the video tech. is bought from pioneer.
If you tried open the cd-drawer on top pioneer player, I bet you have not seen any nicer, or bether mekanisem.
For me that's great because I love how fast it reads, no mather what silver disks you put on it. I hate players that's slow reading disks.
The build quality is top of the line. All metal, and is so beautifull, it looks million $

This is no doubt high-end cd sound. People saying CD sounds bad, should listen to this player. It amazing what it gets out of the cd's.
Primare is a company with it's own sound, you can hear when you listen to primare products. If's like macintosh. Mabye not natural, but what comes out is mutch more music that a lot of other high-end products that sounds clinical to me.
The detail and space from this Cd-player is amazing, you can listen to what you want in a recording, nothing is hidden. It's so clear, and it draws up a 3D perspective that surrounds you. The attack in all the freq...areas is also great. Guitar strings sounds new, and it's so clear if it's nylon, of steel strings you hear.
When comes to high freq... it's sweet. No hash top, but it's not cutting anything either, like some players. SACD and DVD-audio is also handled well. But this is first of all a CD-player. DVD-audio on this player could have been bether, SACD is great, but it's players out there that can do that job bether. I could go on and on, but if you are looking for a multi-player that gives you high-end cd-sound, I think this can be it for you.

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