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Velodyne Optimum-12 Subwoofers Review

Adjusting the controls on a subwoofer for best performance takes time and patience. It is always interesting to see ads for used subwoofers appear on the Web stating “only a week old” or “barely broken in”. These almost always identify a dissatisfied owner. I would bet that the owner did not take th ...    Read More »

Bowers & Wilkins announces dramatically improved new M1 compact monitor

Bowers & Wilkins announces dramatically improved new M1 compact monitor and PV1D subwoofer, plus new finish option on ASW608 subwoofer, combined to create powerful Mini Theater systems. M-1 loudspeaker gets enhanced full-range performance. PV1D subwoofer updates the ground-breaking “pressur ...    Read More »

Velodyne vPulse In-Ear Headphones Bring the Bass

Legendary subwoofer manufacturer brings superior bass technology, performance to the first product in a new line of headphones   Morgan Hill, Calif. – November 23, 2011 – Velodyne, one of the world's leading manufacturers of audio products, has introduced vPulse, the first product in a new ...    Read More »

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Affordable subwoofers for my Cakewalk MA-7A monitors

I was wondering what subs are the best for $200 or less. Will the Sony SA-W2500 or the Technical Pro MRS-10Sub be the best? Basicly my monitors has a sub-out RCA so I can connect any sub to it. Here are some pics of my speakers I have been using. You can see that they have a sub-out so I can have be ... Read More »

Wireless Subwoofers

Anyone have any experience with wireless subwoofers. I am in the market for a upgrade to my old 8" sony sub and ran across the Polk wireless 8" and wandered if that would be a good fit for me. My listening pleasure is jazz like chris botti,boney james, kako matsui, seline dion, older rythmn and blue ... Read More »


I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on a new sub. Its come down to 2 Velodyne subs- The Velodyne Optimum 10" [url]http://velodyne.com/products/specs/OptimumSpecs.html[/url] or The Velodyne Digital Drive DD 10- which has an adjustable high gain servo control [url]http://velodyne.com/ ... Read More »


What is the optimum size for a subwoofer? current system Boston Acoustics Center MRCB micro, Boston CR67 100 watts front, CR57 75 watts rears, mostly easy listening and movies. Yamaha RX-V461 AV Receiver. I have a old Sony 8" subwoofer but have finally moved up to a LCD widescreen and am wondering i ... Read More »

Need cheap subwoofers

Here's another call for help with cheap subwoofers. I'm in college and need a sub but don't have a lot of cash to spend on one. I've been reading some reviews and doing some research and am currently looking at: yammie yst-sw315, Sony sa-wx700, jbl e250p, infinity entra or some cadence ones i foun ... Read More »

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