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What can you say about these amplifiers?

Do they sound "bright" or "warm"? (I'm looking for the WARMER sounding amp I can find). These are the options I have in view at the moment (all them are used, in great condition): - Arcam A38 - Krell 400XI - Classé CAP-101 - Marantz PM15S1 - Electrocompaniet PI 2 - Vincent SV226 MkII & SV ... Read More »

Myryad, New 2,5,7 power amplifiers from AA

got this news letter from audio advisor today, "Myryad's" the name [url=http://www.audioadvisor.com/products.asp?dept=365]Myryad-Audio Advisor[/url] they also have preamplifier & Tuners in the line up, they're kicking off greatly discounted "well compare to the listing price!? they're looking ni ... Read More »

New Class D Audio Complete Amplifiers

Class D Audio now has some new custom cases for their amps: [IMG]http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g295/mrnick_2006/NewImage.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g295/mrnick_2006/ClassD-2.jpg[/IMG] Sadly, the prices for the complete amps has gone up as a result, but at least the ... Read More »


Hello Everyone, I'm new to this and wanted to ask a question about what type of amplifer would you recommend for Paradym Monitor 11's and 9's V6? I want to run 5 channel music and am trying to decide between an Outlaw 7500, Parasound Halo 5250 V2, or a different type that you would recommed for the ... Read More »

Monster Power Amplifiers

To Those Who Want To Take A Chance On A Great Discontinued Product, The Monster Power Amps Are Really A Great Amp. Designed By Richard Marsh And Damian Martin Of Spectral . I Have Three Of These Beasts And They Do Have Plenty Of Clean Power. Monster Has Discontinued Them So A Used One Is A Gamble. T ... Read More »

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