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Lowther's DX-65 driver in the Teresonic Magus XR Review

Featured Article from Jack Roberts & The Flight of the Mini-monitors, Part 7: Lowther's worldwide debut of the DX-65 driver in the Teresonic Magus XR Reviewer: Jack Roberts A new driver from Lowther is real news. A new five inch driver is even rarer news, so it was with great anticipation t ...    Read More »


-- SR5006 and SR6006 Bring Consumers and Custom Integrators Elegant New Solutions for Building Ultimate-Quality Home Entertainment Systems -- June 21, 2011 -- SR6006 (SRP: $1,199.99) and the 100 watt-per-channel SR5006 (SRP: $799.99) both provide consumers with leading-edge feature sets, while d ...    Read More »

Epos Acoustics ELS 3 User Reveiw

MSRP: $ 399.00 Description: The first in a line of lower cost speakers, the ELS-3 mini monitor maintains the high standards expected of any product bearing the Epos name. power handling: 100 watts frequency response: 65Hz-20KHz 4 ohms nominal sensitivity: 87db 10 Reviews 0 Quick Rati ...    Read More »

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ATSC Tuners?

I'm probably one of the rare folks who won't have HDTV an may not have cable when we switch over to digital broadcast. I seen lots of articles about ATSC tuner rebates but very little on OTA ATSC tuners themselves. Anybody know anything? What to shop for? What they should cost? Should a person wa ... Read More »

If you have HD tuners you might want to use them.

I had my cable cut off the day after Thanksgiving and went with Dish but they aren't coming until today to install, so this gave me a week or so with just off air viewing. I hooked up a HD compatible rabbit ear style antenna to my Sony HDTV and was amazed at the amount of programming that came in o ... Read More »


If a TV set has built-in NTSC and ATSC tuners, will I be able to connect analog cable TV WITHOUT the use of a cable box directly into the TV and and view analog cable channels? I would need a TV with an AQM tuner to view (unscrambled) DIGITAL Cable WITHOUT a cable box?Read More »

TV's with speakers & tuners..

How many of you out there are using the tuners and speakers that came with your TV? If you have cable, you end up using the tuner the cable company gave you. Same with Dishnet I believe. We can not use the speakers and our HT units. The delay creates a killer echo. Echo? So wouldn't it be bett ... Read More »

HDTV's With Built IN Tuners Please Explain

I'm going to replace my 30" HDTV in my bedrrom with either a 32 or 34" one as I want a bigger picture & get my HDTV & DVR through Time Warner my cable company who supply the tuner/receiver for my HD ready set. For some reason though that makes absolutely no sense to me, Time Warner in Los Angeles, d ... Read More »

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