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Mini Systems - Reviews? Best of?

Sound People: I am in the market for a high-quality mini-system that won't break the bank. I had been using an old (!) Sony boombox that appealed to me 'cause of the graphic EQ. When the CD player died, I searched for a new system, but the graphic EQ seems to have become extinct. (Sorry, but I l ... Read More »

Auditioning two 7.1 mini-monitor systems tonight

I have been looking for a way to shoehorn a 7.1 system into a 12x15x10ft room. Not an easy task I am finding out, but my friend who designs and manufacturers speakers for studios came up with two mini monitor speakers systems that makes this quite possible. The first speaker is his custom design ... Read More »

Question for EE's: modding mini-systems

I would like to learn more about improving stereo sound and thought mini-systems would be a fun place to start. Is it possible to open the case and understand the circuitry enough to improve sound quality? Are there any electrical engineering books on the subject or would I need a BSEE and 5 years ... Read More »

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