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How Loving God Becomes Hating Others

What quality of any given religion can easily render it the most dangerous thing in the world?” is exclusivity. Exclusivity. Let’s explore, shall we? The conviction that one religion is infinitely more correct than any other tends to rather inevitably—and certainly over history—play out abo ... Read More »

Sony PS3, Sir T, and all you others!

Wow - this thing is great! Oh, I think this has already been covered. But, seriously - After reading the glowing reviews and having less than an excellent experience with the Sony BDP S300 and the Samsung 3600 I just on a whim went and picked up the PS3 120gb unit and it is indeed quite impressive ... Read More »

Chris Knox tribute available from Merge (with Yo La Tengo, Jeff Mangum, others)

From the Merge site: [i]In June 2009, Chris Knox suffered a life-altering stroke at his home in Grey Lynn, New Zealand. Stroke: Songs for Chris Knox is a celebration of Chris and his music. Chris Knox was instrumental in bringing New Zealand punk and alternative music to international audiences w ... Read More »

Gran Torino and a couple of others..

"Gran Torino" - B - Vintage Eastwood, a film that, not unlike "Unforgiven" continues to de-mythologize the glamour of violence. Eastwood is a caricature of himself, this is Gunny Highway from "Heartbreak Ridge" old, wizened and dying. This is an old warrior haunted, not by the men he HAD to kill b ... Read More »

Like many others, I often prefer to revisit...

...the past times of morning glory. At the moment it's the Manchester scene of the early nineties. I've always been a fan of them Brits, in particular, of Noel Gallagher but then again I've always liked contrarians. Perhaps this has to do with a certain ennui about the impending new releases or a la ... Read More »

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