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CD Players

Does anyone make a conventional CD transport that outputs an asynchronous digital signal via USB? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to use one of these excellent (and relatively inexpensive) USB DACs without a computer as the transport? If nobody makes such a CD transport, is there any reason tha ... Read More »

CD players for listen stations

Hey guys, I could find a thread for this so apologies if this has already been asked. I work in a music shop and we have 8 listen stations all wired up but only one cd player, so, i need to buy some more. i need a cd player with what looks like a serial port on the back, only thing is i have n ... Read More »

CD Players and their DAC's

[B]Hey All. Lately I have been obsessed with getting a CDP with a sweet analog sound. I really dig the TDA 1541/1543, and have been on a mission to find a player with these dac's. As I have been digging, I found an extensive list which details CDP's and their DAC's. I hope you enjoy this inf ... Read More »

BLG CP024:

CSB 1206 BLK: