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Outdoor Speakers - Pool side

I'm looking to buy and mount some outdoor speakers near my pool. I'll probably mount them on my house which is only 6 feet from the pool. I'm have no experience with outdoor speakers. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Wireless a reliable option? I like Klipsch speakers, but they are rather expen ... Read More »

Powering outdoor speakers

Hey guys, Trying to power 4 planter speakers on my deck. Would like to occasionally have all 4 going at once. Listening would never be at high volume, just some tunes out back while relaxing. [URL="http://www.rockusticsinc.com/products/garden-series/omniplanter-6.5.html"]Specs on the plante ... Read More »

Outdoor speakers with a punch?

I'm looking to set up an outdoor sound system, but I'm having a hard time finding the right speakers. I'm a college student so ideally I'd like a system that can pack a bit of a punch (though not too much, for the sake of the neighbors). I've looked in to outdoor subs but that puts me a bit over b ... Read More »

outdoor speakers...

Hello Everyone, I looking for a decent, but relatively inexpensive pair of outdoor speakers that I could mount on my house. I don't want to spend more than $300 on a pair of two speakers. For a receiver, I am using an old, but good Harman Kardon HK380i. Any suggesstions? And please don't tell me ... Read More »

Wireless Outdoor Speakers, recommendations?

Looking to hear my cd's (music) outside, been trying to research the different wireless outdoor speakers, but not really getting anywhere? Anyone have some really good recommendations on which ones I should be looking at?Read More »

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PSB Speakers: