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BEST $400 or under home theater in a box to pair with Sony Bravia 55" SXRD television

I just recently purchased a Sony Bravia 55" A-Series SXRD projection HDTV television and I wanted you guys choice for the best home theater in a box for under $400. I appreciate the help!Read More »

Home Theater in a Box

Can you recommend a good home theater in a box system?Read More »

What is not a Home Theater In A Box

I enjoy kicking dead horses. I wish to publically go on record that if a company such as OrbAudio which sells Orb Audio Speakers wishes to make available a specific JVC AV receiver as an option to their customers because this system compliments their speakers it is not home theater in a box. Besides ... Read More »

Best home theater in a box for 1000-1200

First time Poster here. so any advice on a home theater in a box OR any Combination of reciever 5 speakers and a sub woof, adding up to 1000-1200 Tops would be great.... I Like Music and Love movies to sound really good..... CosRead More »

Home Theater in a Box

I went to check to see if my RX-V1400 came in yet and was talking to the Store owner about what to do with my 795a. I was going to put it in the bedroom and was looking for speakers for it. He has two Home Theaters in a Box, YHT-440 and DVX-S120 that he said I would be better off getting and then ... Read More »

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