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PrimaLuna ProLogue Premium Integrated Amplifier Review

Final Thoughts

Overall I think PrimaLuna ProLogue Premium is a very good amplifier. Its versatility and fleshy tube sound add the sparkle of life into cold digital media and make vinyl all that more seductive. With all the failsafe and tube friendly features on it this is the perfect tube amplifier for someone who has been hesitant to get into this side of the audio world or for a tube lover who doesn’t have the time or money to tweak this or fix that if something goes wrong. The ProLogue Premium is competitively priced and merits serious consideration by any audio lovers ready for the next step in their musical journey. If you haven’t heard one yet, do yourself a favor and find a dealer and have a demo.

* Just as a note, the switch for the KT88/EL34 is on the opposite side of the amplifier from the power switch. They look and feel effectively the same. If you happen to accidentally switch the wrong one, the BTI monitor lights on the amplifier near the tubes will turn red. Switch the bias back to the correct setting and power cycle the amplifier. That is what quickly fixed it for me when I flipped the wrong switch.

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Output: 35 watts x 2 with EL34, 40 watts x 2 with KT88
Freq. Response: 20Hz-30kHz +/- 0.5dB
THD: Less than 1% at full power
S/N Ratio: 89 dB
Input Sensitivity: 300mV
Power Consumption: 300 watts
Dimensions: 14.5 ” x 8″ x 15.5″ (WxHxD)
Weight: 46.3 lbs
Inputs: 4 pair RCA / 1 pair HT bypass
Outputs: 4 and 8 Ohm speaker taps
Tube Compliment: 4 – 12AU7, 4 – EL34 (KT88 tubes optional)

Notes from Distributor

“For a customer with a pair of “technical” sounding Thiels, the EL34’s may be the hot ticket. For the person with Vandersteens, or any other speaker, room, or customer taste that needs to “breathe” or have more “pop” the KT88 or 6550 is the choice.”   – Kevin Deal

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  • tom says:

    I don’t understand why you would want tubes in the first place? Isn’t that old school stuff? Is it cleaner than the new audio? I like how it looks and would look cool in my entertainment center but I don’t want anything like it if it is not super clean

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