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Three Koetsu cartridges: Urushi Vermillion, Azule Platinum and Tiger Eye Platinum Reviewed

Featured Article from The Luckiest Reviewer plays with three Koetsu cartridges: Urushi Vermillion, Azule Platinum and Tiger Eye Platinum Reviewer: Gary Lea Every now and then you get a chance to do something really unique and highly enjoyable as a reviewer and the subject of this review is one ...    Read More »

Audiophile Outlet Store Site Visit - A New Way To Get HiFi

Being blessed by the audiophile bug can put a rather large dent in the old pocket book. Add to that the risk of reselling gear at prices far below what it was purchased for, and one can understand why audiophiles are looking for great gear at more reasonable prices, or just buying used. But the pro ...    Read More »

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Great cartridges around $100?

Just got a new table and wanted to get a decent MM cartridge for around $100. Does anyone have any suggestions? Mostly, I will be listening to classical, folk, and some rock. Don't have much knowledge in this area, and would love to be educated by personal tastes. Cheers!Read More »

B&O cartridges

Is it hard to find replacement cartridges (MMC 2,3,4,5) for a B & O RX2 turntable? Is it crazy expensive?Read More »

A Question for Those Experienced with Turntables and Cartridges

Hello folks, I have a Pro-ject Xpression MkII turntable with a Benz Micro MC20E2 cartridge. They're both about 2.5 years old now, with modest playing time. Some records play very well. Aside from some staticky pops and cracks, they're detailed (especially after a bath from my Nitty Gritty guy) and p ... Read More »

Signet cartridges?

Hey all, This is my first post here! I managed to break the stylus on my old cartridge, so now I need to replace it. The old cartridge is a Signet TK7Ea that came with the used turntable I have. I've been having a hard time finding information about the Signet that might help me determine if i ... Read More »

Technics SL-DL1 and P-mount cartridges

A friend recently gave me a Technics SL-DL1. I remember these decks back in the early 80s. When I received it, It had the OEM Audiotechnica cartridge but no stylus. After a few minor repairs, cleaning, and adjustments, the table is now fully functional--sans the stylus. I decided to replace the ... Read More »

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