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Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2010: PrimaLuna, Bluzone Audio, Jolida

PrimaLuna might be the smartest tube amplifier manufacturer on the market today.  I don’t say that because of the sound, or because they use some fancy and new way to amplify audio. I say this because PrimaLuna is making a very competitively priced tube amplifier that aims to solve all the glitchy problems that can sometimes make owning a tube amp so miserable and prohibitive.  Soft-start circuits, adaptive autobias, tube state fuse, carefully hand built with a focus on quality control.  And just look at all the awards the ProLogue One Integrated amp has won.  At RMAF, Kevin Deal, the owner of Upscale Audio and the distributor for PrimaLuna USA, had a great sounding room.  Pairing Dialog Seven Mono block amps with Sonas Faber Luito speaker. The source is the award winning ProLogue Eight CDP.  I will have a special write up about PrimaLuna soon.  As well a review of the ProLogue Premium Integrated amplifier.  So far it sounds fantastic paired with PMC TB2i speakers and Supra Sword cables.  Check out PrimaLuna at www.primaluna-usa.com



JoLida was the only manufacturer at RMAF who talked to me about making sure a good sound system at a reasonable price ends up in the hands of the younger generation.  The college students and those who can really only top out at $1000, but know there is better than what they find at BestBuy.  The slightly funny thing about this photo though below, is that the PSB-1 bookshelf speakers (reviewed here by me) cost about the same as all those components from JoLida in the photo added together.  The Electrocompaniet PSB-1 speakers are fantastic, but they do have either own sound, so I’m aiming to get some of these JoLida components in for review and hook them up to some more neutral, or price paired speakers.  If you don’t know about JoLida please check them out.  They have a great reputation for quality sounding tube products at a great value.  As well they have their eye on the future.  Which, is great to know, that at last someone out there in the hi-fi world knows that not everyone has a sky high budget.  www.jolida.com


On my way out RMAF I had a couple minutes to check out some late comers.  The BluZone Audio table caught my attention because of the price points of their products and the fact they are tube amplified.  (As a side note I tend to feel tubes can cover up a lot of the digital sound of modern day iPods and computer source music.  As I feel this, can at times, be a better choice for someone on a budget than a similar priced SS amp…but I digress).  The cabinets of the ‘wooden’ speakers at the far end of the table were designed by a violin maker.  I didn’t get to hear them because the lobby was so loud and these guys are so small, but I am working to get a pair in for review.  I bet this would make a great little desk top system for under $1000.  BluZone’s website looks like it is still in progress, but you should check them out at bluzoneaudio.com


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