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Portable Audiophile? Head-Direct HiFiMan HM-801 Audio Player


Suck It, iPod: Meet the King of Geeky Portable Audio Devices It used to be there were only two ways to improve the sound quality on your portable music player: Ditch the shoddy included earbuds for real headphones, or hook in a headphone amplifier.

Now there’s a third option, in the form of the HiFiMan HM-801 Audio Player.

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source: AllAboutJazz

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  • MikeMercer says:

    Whats the deal w/ this player? Looks cool, has a USB SPDIF output?? Is there software w/ it, or just drag-n-drop like the Hifi Audiophile Music Player out of China?? What makes the player better than the iPod?? U’ve got my curiosity peaked for sure!!!

  • Dan says:

    Ipods are nice for high-school kids who want the latest trend, however they sound so terrible. I have owned a GanQi Bay HF Music player for about a year now, and it almost comes close to my head phone amp set up at home. Try it out if you want a good portable music player.

  • Designed and Made in China says:

    Get it at wal Mart XX-D

  • Tympan says:

    This player sounds superb. At the time of my purchase, I was looking for a DAC for my computer, not a portable player. I tested various DACs costing up to $1600. Turned out the Hifiman DAC had the most musical/enjoyable sound IMO (deep, dynamic, alive, organic, non fatiguing sound). Cherry on the cake, it was also a portable player!
    For those wondering how it compares to the best ipod in lossless mode: “night and day”. Ipods sound good in lossless with good headphones. But in comparison to the Hifiman, the ipod sounds flat, cold, analytic and fatiguing.
    $790 might seem outrageous for a portable player but the truth is, it is a hell of a deal for someone in the market for a computer DAC.
    I highly recommend the Hifiman with the headphones AH-D7000, WONDERFUL COMBO!

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