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Cerwin Vega CLS-215 Loudspeaker User Review

MSRP: $ 499.00

Description: Simply the biggest, baddest tower on the market, the CLS-215 features two cast frame high excursion 15-inch woofers and delivers earth-shaking bass down to 24 Hz. With guaranteed “eviction notice” performance, the CLS-215 also features a 6.5-inch mid-range speaker and a 1-inch soft dome tweeter coupled to a proprietary waveguide.

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Reviewed by: bobbby2679 (Audio Enthusiast)
Review Date
January 30, 2010
Overall Rating
5 of 5
Value Rating
5 of 5
Used product for
3 Months to 1 year

First off, I should mention that I live in a 150+ year old solid stone building, on the second floor above a bar/restaurant. What I’m saying is that I live in a VERY solid building that doesn’t let much noise through to the neighbors and I have a bar below me that is playing pretty loud music late at night-that is the type of situation you need to truly enjoy these speakers! If you live in a regular wooden frame house with neighbors anywhere near in any direction, it will be like owning a Ferrari you can only drive under 25 MPH. These speakers play so loud and so clear, it is amazing. The bass response and the ability to “feel the music” you are playing is like a whole new dimension to many songs. I listen to a lot of rock, electronica and music like that and these speakers blow me away every time.

I bought them from an electronics wholesaler I do business with that carries them and got a great deal. Luckily, they have a warehouse a few miles from my home, because it would cost a LOT of money to ship them anywhere, they are huge and very heavy (100+ lbs) I have a full-size car and there wasn’t a chance of fitting them in the car or the trunk, I had to use a truck to carry them home-one at a time! I have them running off of a “no-name” 800 watt DJ amp, which is hooked up to my PC, via a USB DAC. The bar below me has a very nice sound system, EV and JBL speakers and about 4,000 watts worth of Crown amps, but if I crank up the Vegas during their business hours, I will get a call because I’m interfering with their sound! That’s how powerful they are and it is amazing how clear the sound is, even at incredible volumes.

I know, Cerwin Vega has a name that some “audiophiles” sneer at a bit, calling them things like “frat house speakers”. I’d urge you to google “CLS-215″ and read some of the reviews that several audio writers have given them, people who are used to reviewing some very high-end stereo equipment. I haven’t found a bad review yet! Are they a match for say the, Marten Coltrane Supreme? No, of course not, you could buy hundreds of them for the cost of one of those, but for what most normal people with normal supplies of cash can afford, they are awesome. I have owned quite a few different “excellent speakers” over the years and I have never found a pair so addictive and yet sensibly priced.

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