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Electrocompaniet EC 4.8 preamplifier Review

Featured Article from Reviewer:  Ed Momkus I’ve been an Electrocompaniet user for many years. I own the fabulous Nemo monoblocks, which drive their namesake B&W Nautilus 800Ds (see my October, 2008 review in Dagogo. I’ve also reviewed the Electrocompaniet EMC 1UP CD player (December, 2009), which despite its age (first introduced in 1999) continues to

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Jeff Rowland Design Group 102 S Amplifier Review

Featured Article from Reviewer: Adam LaBarge After a few hours of failed starts, I must admit, I’m stumped by how to introduce this review. Most of the time reviewers treat the reader to a little anecdote about this or that, or how the reviewer came upon said amplifier or speakers, or whatever.  Maybe even a luxurious

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