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Canton Karat 720 Bookshelf Speaker User Review

MSRP: $ 1500.00


  • Engineering Principle 2-way Bass reflex system
  • Nom. /Music power handling 60 / 100 watts
  • SPL (1 watt/1m) 85 db (1 W, 1 m)
  • Frequency response 33…40.000 Hz
  • Crossover frequency 3.000 Hz
  • Woofer 1 x 160 mm (6”), Aluminum (Wave surround)
  • Tweeter 1 x 25 mm (1”), aluminum-manganese
  • Nominal Impedance 4…8 ohms
  • Gold plated bi-wiring/bi-amping screwclamp terminals
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    Reviewed by:surxenberg (Audio Enthusiast)
    Review Date
    August 28, 2009
    Overall Rating
    5 of 5
    Value Rating
    5 of 5
    Used product for
    3 Months to 1 year

    I bought these speakers at a discount, about half a year ago. They cost me about 590 euros for the pair.

    I use them with a Revox Evolution Stereo System that features a 2×150 Watts @ 4 Ohms amplifier. They are supported by a Canton AS 85 SC active subwoofer and are placed on Canton’s optional LS 600 stands.

    Those speakers are rated at 60 watts max at an impedance of 4-8 ohms, feature a Bi-Wiring Terminal and there is a 25mm Aluminium-Mangan Tweeter featured by a 7″ Aluminum Bass-Midrange driver. Measuring only 30cm in height, these speakers are dwarves.

    The speakers look gorgeous, very humble and serious looking design, sticking to the basics. On the front there is a black textile coverage that hides the drivers from your eyes. Everything is very nicely polished, the edges and surfaces prove that there is true German quality artisan work behind it. However, it seems to me that the enclosures are very susceptible to scratches.

    The Sound quality is *very* good. Even without a subwoofer, the bass punches tight and also at higher levels no sign of distortion. Excellent Midrange and High Frequency, generally well suited for listening to music. However, if you look for deep and heavy bass performance you should really pair them with a decent active subwoofer. As long as you’re listening to something else than Drum’n'Bass or Heavy Metal there is no need for a sub though.

    As far as Blues or Jazz goes, these speakers deliver an outstanding sound quality for the money. Clear, crisp sound and stunning dynamics. Close your eyes and you think that this blues singer is right next in front of you, singing and playing his guitar.

    Rock, Pop and the likes are very decent to listen to as well on these speakers, however, I’d prefer Floorstanders for this sort of music. The sound of 3 distorted electric guitars playing different tones is displayed very clearly and you can easily hear what every musician is playing, but it does not have the pressure that a floorstander would deliver.

    Classical Music is where these loudspeakers absolutely shine. Their super fast response and very linear frequency response really make you think you’re right in a concert hall.

    I have listened to many loudspeakers so far, but these are the shiznit. I have always preferred a Booskhelf/sub combo over floorstands (this is certainly a matter of personal preference) and so far, the combination of the Karat 720 and the Canton AS 85 SC has shown me the best bang for my money.
    There are loudspeakers from other competitors that sound just as good as they do in a similar price range, but the Cantons appealed to me the most.

    I hardly noticed any difference between the Canton Karat 750 subwoofer and the Canton AS 85 SC. The latter costs about a third of the price and is actually part of the much cheaper GLE series. But since this sub is already good enough I didn’t really have much use for spending thrice the price on a sub.

    Lastly, since these are top-of-the-line speakers there is no point in connecting them to a Sony Compact Stereo.

    It is wise to use them with a solid amp that is capable of delivering at least 100 watts @ 4 Ohms. They really profit from powerful amplifiers.

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