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front projectors,I need to learn about them

I want to go with useing front projector in my room.It is 21x13x8 and is dark no light.I am now useing a 65" Mitsubishi Diamond Series and it is very good.I would like to go bigger and my question is I found two front projectors on sale cheap and I didn't know if they would have as good picture comp ... Read More »

Front Projectors anyone?

Ok I am new to HT configs and have made the big plunge in. I see we are in the HT Forum but funny enough I see nothing about Front Projection Systems. So here I go. I just bought an Epson PowerLite S1 and I am remodling my Family room to accomadate it (so far I am waiting for specialized 35ft cables ... Read More »

Front projectors

For those of you looking at the new televisual formats the front projector seems to get missed. I must admit I have not kept up to date on this as some like Woochifer but I was highly impressed the other day from what I saw out of a Front projector system that was far cheaper and far better than so ... Read More »

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