Panasonic PTL-300 Front Projectors


  • Resolution 960 x 540 (WSVGA)
  • Brightness 800 ANSI lumens
  • Technology 3 x 0.7-inch Polysilicon
  • Contrast Ratio 800:1
  • Aspect Ratio 16:9
  • Colors 16.7 million
  • Compatibility Supports VGA, SVGA, WSVGA

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mjrudick   Audio Enthusiast [Jan 30, 2004]

good image, sufficient shadow detail, no screen door effect, plenty bright for darkened rooms, good colors, easy to setup and adjust. INNEXPENSIVE price, high dollar image! Competes with projectors costing 2 to 3 times more!


Average internal scaler. First unit had 1 dead pixel.

I purchased the PT-L300U unit with the thought in mind that I would use an inexpensive LCD projector until some of the better DLP projectors come down in price – say maybe 2 to 3 years. I never expected the great picture quality I received with this bargain buster. I purchased the unit from They have outstanding customer support, as I had 1 dead pixel and they sent out a replacement unit and asked me to hold on to my "defective" unit until I received the replacement (pretty cool!). The replacement was fine. The projector is used in a 12' by 22' dedicated Home Theater with 8' ceilings. I have total control over the lights as there is no light from the windows and the overhead lights are on dimmers. Setup was easy. Using a Chief mount with all the standard adjustments I ceiling mounted the projector about 12 feet from the 92" 16:9 Stewart Firehawk screen. I was able to mount the projector in a way that I did not need to use any lens shift or keystone correction (which will reduce the total resolution of the projector). The unit is connected to a Denon DVD-2900 via component cable constructed of Belden 1694A coax w/Canare RCAs. I am using the progressive scan output of the DVD player, as opposed to using the internal de-interlacer of the Panasonic projector. The internal de-interlacer of the Denon DVD produced a much more smooth picture. I used various calibration software tools, including the THX setup guide that is included on many DVDs as well as the Digital Video Essentials DVD. There are 2 lamp output settings, low and normal. The low lamp output setting really knocks down the fan noise, not that the normal lamp output mode is loud, but the low lamp output mode puts the fan noise at almost nothing. The projector is within 4 to 5 feet from my head and my Xbox is about 8 feet away and even at those distances the Xbox is many times louder. If you can control the lighting in your room and or have a high gain screen use the low lamp mode. With all that said I have to say the picture is many times better than I had expected. From seating distance (11 feet) there is no, I mean NO screen door. I literally have to be within a couple of feet from the screen to see even a hint of screen door effect. Colors are rendered beautifully on this projector. Greens, especially, are luscious and vibrant. Dark colors are shown with good shadow detail. I wish the reds were better, not that they are bad, but just that reds are better on some of the MUCH more expensive Epson and Sanyo LCDs and NEC, SIM2, Optoma, and InFocus DLPs. With the high gain screen of the Firehawk there is plenty of brightness on the screen. Contrast is solid so long as the room ambient light is controlled. The Denon DVD player has a black level enhancer, with this applied the black levels are sufficient with good shadow detail. The only negatives for this projector is perhaps the average scaling processor. On some videos you can see some "jaggies", but then I've seen some $7000 DLP projectors with no better internal scaling. Overall this is a great projector that has convinced me to wait ever LONGER for DLPs to come down in price AND improve. It does almost everything right, nothing too wrong, is inexpensive, quiet, easy to adjust and setup, and truly puts out a great image.

Similar Products Used: Dreamvision CineXone (overpriced,), Optoma H56 (solid unit) , NEC HT1000, LT260 (good performers), Infocus Screenplay 5700 (excellent picture, but pricey), Epson TW1000 (great picture, I almost purchased this one, somewhat overpriced now)
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