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Paint for InWall speakers?

What's the best method for painting InWall speakers? I'm going to be helping a friend install some inwalls, and she wants them to blend as much as possible. I'm thinking just regular old rattle can spray paint, maybe with a clear coat unless there is some reason I don't know of to not do this. ... Read More »

advice on inwall speakers

I am trying to clean up the look of my living room. I bought a plasma tv and I am wanting rid of my freestanding Infinity Kappa 5.1 speakers. My wife has graciously allowed me to keep my Infinity 12" Sub. I need Front and center inwall speakers. I have seen that there are 2 basic types of speakers f ... Read More »

inwall speakers home theater setup

Hello All, I need to purchase a reciever, dvd player and a 5.1 speaker setup for my aunt. She would like the FR, FL, and Center speakers to be in wall and the rears mounted. She had the house built and is pre-wired for this setup. Her total budget is $2500 - $3000 for the entire setup. I am not ... Read More »

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PSB Speakers: