Paradigm Reference SA-30 Inwall Speakers


  • Crossover(s): 3rd-order electro-acoustic at 2.0 kHz
  • High-Frequency Driver(s): 25-mm (1 in) G-PAL dome
  • Bass / Midrange Driver(s): 210-mm (8 in) S-PAL cone
  • Low-Frequency Extension: 35 Hz (DIN)
  • Maximum Input Power: 120 watts

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Sanjay   Audio Enthusiast [Jan 24, 2015]

I've owned these speakers for 8 years now. I use them as mains with SA-15R as surrounds in my 5.1 system. Before these, I had the Monitor 11 for my mains but WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) forced me into in-walls. I know that I'm comparing an in-wall with a floor standing speaker, which is sort of like comparing apples and oranges but SA-30 has better definition in the mid range, bigger sound stage and better imaging compared with Monitor 11 although the Monitor 11 had tighter base. The SA-30 are amazing with both music and movies. I've been really happy with the SA-30 and just recently I started to think if its time now to try something else - not because of any issues with these but because I've had them for long enough and just want to experience something else for a change. I listened to B&W in-walls 700 series and really liked them but their sound stage, imaging et al were comparable to the SA-30 that I already owned. Also, the SA-30 are a little brighter, which is something I had grown to like so I decided against the B&W. The KEF in-walls were amazing too but leaning towards a well balanced natural sound that may not work well with movies. Klipsch Ultra 2 in-walls are on my list too but have not found a local dealer to audition them yet.
Few details on the SA-30: They have heavy sensitivity so they can get very loud with very little power. I have an open floorplan in my two story house such that that the first floor is pretty much connected with no walls separating living, dining, kitchen and family areas and just the two SA-30 as mains can be so loud that no sane person would play them even at half the volume they are capable of. The soundstage and imaging are top notch. They work well with both movies and music but keep in mind that they are a touch bright. Not very bright to the extent that you regret them but just a little bright that they fill the music with some enthusiasm. I drove them with Yamaha RX-V2400 for several years and recently upgraded to RX-A2040. The RX-A2040 drives them much better and much more accurately, mostly due to the improved YPAO room correction. The SA-15R for surrounds are actually a great match for the SA-30 fronts. Together, they work really well and if you close your eyes you can't predict where the speakers are placed. The imaging is just so nice. I use the Sunfire Super Junior sub with this setup, which is also a good match to these speakers and blends in effortlessly. BTW, the decision to buy the Sunfire was motivated by the WAF too :-) Bigger, uglier boxes were not an option.

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