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Power conditioners and voltage regulators - worth the addition to your system ?

Hello I would imagine if Power conditioners and/or voltage regulators are worth being part of your hifi system, then you would need to set aside a bit of a budget as an additional component. I was shown such a unit - brand is "Exact Power". 8 outlets for 5k. That's pretty much the cost of my b ... Read More »

Any thoughts on power conditioners ?

Now that I have my new HT set up just about complete, I was wondering if I should get a power conditioner. I am currently only using a Belkin surge protector. Is this a must have item? Do most people here use them? If so, any recommendations? I came across this one one on Amazon. The price ... Read More »

Question about Power Conditioners?

I've been given different advise about power conditioners, in that, some swear by it terms of overall improvement gains. Yet, some high end users I've talked to, would not use it because of it's current limiting effect on an amplifier which would in turn limit dynamics. I don't own one to compare ... Read More »

Do Power Conditioners Improve Sound Quality

Can someone please educate me on this. I have a Monster HT 800 Home Theater PowerCenter which protects components from harmful surges and spikes & is a Surgeguard. Is this different from a Conditioner? If so, if I add a conditioner will it make a noticeable improvement in sound quality or will the ... Read More »

About Power Conditioners?

Anyone use these things from Monster and others, and do you think they improve things, and if so what? Plus there are the component looking types and the plainer power-strip types, and I know there are like 4 stages of filtering etc,... but can you 'hear' the difference? Thanks for any input at a ... Read More »

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