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Question about the Benchmark DACs high res capabilities

Hi all, Well I have finally decided (fa real this time) that the Benchmark DAC 1 will be be the DAC I purchase at the end of January when my commission check hits (yeeehaaa). Spending it before I get it (once again)....is there no cure for this audiophile disease? I was going to get the PS Audi ... Read More »

DACs Everywhere!!!

I can't sleep at nights... Every time I turn around there's a new HiFi DAC watching me... :eek6: With the prominence of Music Server/Computer Based Music I expected DACs to make a major comeback and they have... But what I find intriguing is some of the places I find them. The return of the e ... Read More »

Standalone DACs?

I really need to ask, what is the reason of the existence of such products. I mean arent amplifiers supposed to do that? Isn't it enough that some guys have to buy seperate pre-amp power-amp for that extra bit of performance, now there are seperate DAC solutions? What's the point? So that the si ... Read More »

Looking for help with miniature USB Dacs.

Hi everyone, Please bare with me I'm fairly new to buying hardware to improve my music so some of my questions maybe a little dull I'm looking to buy a new USB Dac because I have a beautiful television and stereo system but my laptop's speakers are absolutely terrible at best. I'm sick and tir ... Read More »

$350 CDP better DACs vs Denon AVR?

Just a quick question after searching this forum. I need a new 5 disc. cd player after breaking my 17 yr old Sony ES one. . Was looking at a Denon DCM390 or Marantz CC4001 = both are $350 USD. However if the DACs on these are not better than my Denon AVR 3802, maybee I should buy a cheaper C ... Read More »

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