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Antelope Audio to Demonstrate its Zodiac Line of High End Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs) at T.H.E. Show Home Entertainment Convention in Las Vegas

Antelope Audio's Zodiac line will be featured at T.H.E Show in Las Vegas Zodiac D/A Converters (DACs) are Perfectly Suited for Home Listening Environments, Utilizing the Same Technologies Used by World-Famous Mastering Engineers Antelope Audio will d ...    Read More »

Gato Audio CDD-1 - CD-player ⁄ DAC Released

At Gato Audio we are very pleased to announce the long awaited and very versatile CDD-1 CD player and D/A converter. It has now been delivered to our distributors and their dealers whom are ready to demonstrate its superior sound quality and stunning beauty. Developing CD players and D/A conv ...    Read More »

Antelope Audiophile Special Brings Holiday Cheer to the Audiophile Community with Discount on its Zodiac Digital to Analog Converter (DAC)

Antelope Audiophile Special Brings Holiday Cheer to the Audiophile Community with Discount on its Zodiac Digital to Analog Converter (DAC)   Antelope Audio Lessens the Pinch of the Economy for Music Lovers, While Enhancing Their Listening Experience with Greater Detail and Sample Rates of up to ...    Read More »

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Question about the Benchmark DACs high res capabilities

Hi all, Well I have finally decided (fa real this time) that the Benchmark DAC 1 will be be the DAC I purchase at the end of January when my commission check hits (yeeehaaa). Spending it before I get it (once again)....is there no cure for this audiophile disease? I was going to get the PS Audi ... Read More »

DACs Everywhere!!!

I can't sleep at nights... Every time I turn around there's a new HiFi DAC watching me... :eek6: With the prominence of Music Server/Computer Based Music I expected DACs to make a major comeback and they have... But what I find intriguing is some of the places I find them. The return of the e ... Read More »

Standalone DACs?

I really need to ask, what is the reason of the existence of such products. I mean arent amplifiers supposed to do that? Isn't it enough that some guys have to buy seperate pre-amp power-amp for that extra bit of performance, now there are seperate DAC solutions? What's the point? So that the si ... Read More »

Looking for help with miniature USB Dacs.

Hi everyone, Please bare with me I'm fairly new to buying hardware to improve my music so some of my questions maybe a little dull I'm looking to buy a new USB Dac because I have a beautiful television and stereo system but my laptop's speakers are absolutely terrible at best. I'm sick and tir ... Read More »

$350 CDP better DACs vs Denon AVR?

Just a quick question after searching this forum. I need a new 5 disc. cd player after breaking my 17 yr old Sony ES one. . Was looking at a Denon DCM390 or Marantz CC4001 = both are $350 USD. However if the DACs on these are not better than my Denon AVR 3802, maybee I should buy a cheaper C ... Read More »

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