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need an audio receiver for both turntable and ipod

What is the best 2 or 2.1 channel audio receiver that will allow me to plug in a turntable (grounded phono input) and an easy adapter to play my ipod classic thru the speakers? I'd like to spend under $500. The local guys recommend Yamaha R S300.Read More »

Bose Sounddock/Wave music/Sony ipod docks

I am really not abig fan of Bose (for the home theater system or their floor standers in general), but I might need a little help deciding a gift for someone. I need to spend around $400-$450 and I was looking at Bose SoundDock Portable Digital Music System ($399.99), Bose SoundDock Series II ($249. ... Read More »

iPod idea...

When I listen on shuffle sometimes a song comes on and I decide I want to hear the album. Wouldn't it be cool if you could just hit the centre button (or another button) and be taken automatically to the album of the song currently playing? With hundreds of albums on my Classic, it would make the ... Read More »

who needs an ipod jack . . .

when your car has one of theseRead More »

New 16GB iPod Nano

[URL="http://milosting.t35.com/crimosis/iPodnano012.html"]New 16GB iPod Nano [/URL]Read More »

Read More »

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