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A/V racks/furniture

Can anyone point me to a website (or retail store in the Orange County area) that sells audio and/or video racks or furniture? Nothing real expensive, somewhere under $400. Found some nice VTI stuff for around $220 for a 4 shelfer: [IMG]http://www.audio-video-furniture.com/Common/Product/Images/ ... Read More »

pre-built and wired Middle Atlantic racks

Was wondering if anyone out there needed help building Middle Atlantic racks. This would include the complete design of the system, build the racks, wire the racks and if needed will program the system, for an easier install. The many years i have been installing AV equipment, our racks are by far t ... Read More »

equipment on the floor vs. racks

In looking at a large number of galleries (here, audiogon, stereophile, all over) i've noticed a lot of the rather ridiculously expensive two channel systems always have their components resting on the floor between the main speakers. i was guessing the main reason was the sheer mass of these ampli ... Read More »

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MS 1400W: