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Swan 6.1 User Review


Description: The legendary Swans 6.1 is rated about as high as anything in its class. The Swan 6.1 is perhaps the most popular and exciting full-sized speaker models ever offered through direct channels.

System Description : 4th-order 3-way vented-box system
Frequency Response : 35Hz-20kHz
Sensitivity (2.83V, 1m) : 90dB
Nominal impedance : 8O
Power Handling : 10-200W
Dimensions : 300x388x1083 mm
NetWeight : 32.7kg
Tweeter : TN28
Cabinet Finish : Rosewood Piano Black Lacquer
Midrange : 6″(F6N) Woofer : 2×8″(M8N)
5 Reviews
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4.80 of 5


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Mustermark (Audio Enthusiast)
Review Date
September 18, 2010
Overall Rating
5 of 5
Value Rating
5 of 5
Used product for
Less than 1 month

I took receipt of my Swan Diva 6.1s a few days ago. I had been nervous about ordering $1000 speakers on the internet without actually hearing them. I have to say the reviews I based my purchase on were correct – these speakers are very, very good. My thanks to those who have posted here before me for the sound advice (pun intended).

The Diva 6.1s are better than almost all of what I auditioned in the stores. I think the only speakers that were better were the Martin Logan Vantage speakers (which were $5000 electrostatics with a built-in subwoofer amp).

The definition and clarity of the Diva 6.1s is superb. The bass is really very good on my Breakbeat Bass (e.g. The Breakfastaz), they really kick out the deep electronic sounds and not a hint of being muddy or blurred. Adagio for Strings (Barber / Eugene Ormandy) came to life wonderfully. The midrange and highs are so clear and crisp, and the bass is so well proportioned. I think I’m hearing music how it was meant to sound! Corny, but that’s how this sounds right now.

I heard ML Vistas and was disappointed (compared to the $5000 Vantages) and I didn’t think the Vistas were worth the cost. I think $3000 Viennas were the next best after the Vantages that I heard in the stores, in terms of clarity, but the bass was a bit weak. I heard some other speakers that had loud but muddy bass and no high end clarity. In the end I would have gone for a pair of B&Ws at about $1500 which had good bass but less clarity.

Having read so many reviews of the Swans, I figured at $999 for the pair (+ $99 shipping) they could be a big disappointment but not a huge disaster. Fortunately, I am very impressed and I think they are better than all but the Vantages. If I’m honest I’d be hard pushed to really appreciate the difference with the Vantages (in the room I have) and I certainly appreciate the bank balance.

The speakers arrived from Oz Home Theater after a week or so (tracked by FedEx) and the outer boxes were a bit bashed, but the inner box was intact and the speakers very securely padded. They are big heavy speakers and I love the look of the 6.1s with the cool colored speaker cones with the front grill off.

I don’t often feel compelled to write this kind of thing, but I am very impressed and very pleased with my purchase and thought it was worth sharing since you can’t easily audition these speakers.

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