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Jamo C809 Floor Standing Speaker User Review

MSRP: $ 999.00
Speakers Function: Main / Stereo
Nominal Power: 200 Watt RMS
Construction: 3-Way

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Reviewed by: NMyTree(Audio Enthusiast)
Review Date
September 12, 2009
Overall Rating
5 of 5
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5 of 5
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The Jamo C809……If I could only say one thing about these speakers, it would have to be…..Exceptionally Musical Speakers!!!! Fortunately, I can say more than that.

The C809 is a Three Way design. These are Big…..I mean….BIG speakers. And I’m not talking just physical specifications and stature. They are BIG in physical size, but they absolutely have a very full, room engulfing sound. The C809 thrive on amps with high quality power. As do all of the Jamo speakers in the Jamo C80 and Jamo C60 Series.

The better quality power you feed them, the better they reward your ears. Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean they need a Gazillion Watts to make them sing. They will perform best with at least 100 high quality watts per channel. But High Quality Power is the key, here.

The C809 are smooth, sweet, wonderfully detailed and wade casually into the slightly warm side of the pool. There’s a wonderful timbre and tone to instruments. The bass is strong and gets you in the mood to boogie.

These speakers really do great bass. At least 15 inches to 18 inches from the back wall will deliver tight, musical, palpable bass. Cellos are stunning! Well recorded piano makes you wonder who dragged the Steinway into the room.

No real wood venners, here. And I couldn’t care less. These speakers (as well as the C807 and C803 of this Series) far exceed the modest, well-done, black laminate finish confines of their cabinets. I’ve auditioned and lived with several much higher-priced….real wood veenered speakers; that the C809 put to shame. Embarrassed, really.

Dynamics are very, very nice. They can be punchy, but not in-your-face-……kick in the gut punchy. They do lean to a polite….I guess softer presentation. But they are in no way dull and uninvolved.

If you want the ultimate slam and liver-rattling punch; look elsewhere. These are not the speakers for you.

If you want the ultimate in so-called ” transparency” ………look elsewhere. These are not for you.

If you want a hyper-detailed presentation and sterile, analytical presentation. Move right along and go find yourself another speaker; after you dissect your frog.

You want wonderfully tuneful and sweet melodies?

Want to whistle and sing to the music, because you simply can’t help from being dragged into the meody of a song?

Want to get up off your booty and boogie around the room, because the music pushes and inspires you?

Want to lay back and enjoy the melody of a blues guitar, or the beautiful wave of cello washing over you?

Want to get chills and goosebumps from acoustic instruments and vocal harmonies?

Then audition the Jamo C809.

I matched them up with some McIntosh gear (C220, mc252 and mc352) and an Rega Saturn. Also tried them out with several other pieces/brands of gear.

The Mac and Jamo combo is musical heaven!!!!

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  • krishnan narasimhan says:

    I am satisfied with Jam S708 . II use both Jamo S708 and B&W 8o5 S . Jamo mid range is good compared to B&W.
    where as i am not pleased with base . planned to get concert series pair from Jamo. I use Nad C372 bee with
    Nad C165 bee preamp. Also use Rotel 1080 amp.

  • William says:

    I’m Curious about these C809 Jamo’s. How well would it be able to provide me a musical experience if I would have listened to music like ” E.S Posthumus ” or ” 2 Steps From Hell “?
    I have Yamaha NS-777′s at the current time and my Infinity Alpha 50, and have been happy with them so far, but looking to expand a little into a different speaker brand, but want lots of dynamics, punchiness and wonderful mid-range. I did check out Klipsch, but i’m a bit weary on their speaker design, considering they only have to Mid/Bass speakers and a Horn Tweeter, which would maybe ( i haven’t listened to them yet but only saying my opinion ) may lack that midrange. Would the Jamo C809 match the Infinity Alpha 50′s in any way? I’m merely curious and am really hoping that someone would be able to let me know…. If i get most of the positive replies on my questions, then Jamo may have a very possible customer… (:
    PS: I don’t really care whether these speakers have a fantastic build quality or not. To me the most important factor is relaying the sound the way it was recorded and having bass, mid and high frequencies blend in seamlessly…

    Sincerely William

  • William says:

    Oh dear. Perhaps what i mean when i mentioned ” build quality “, was that i don’t expect the speaker cabinet to be covered in some yamaha piano type surface or look like some furniture that cost a lot of $$$…

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