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Highlighted User Review:: Monarchy Audio M24 DAC

Monarchy Audio M24 DAC
Product Info and User Reviews: Monarchy Audio M24 DAC
2 reviews
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MSRP: $ 1490.00
2 Reviews
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The Monarchy Audio Model 24 (M24) Digital Audio Converter is a 24/96 DAC with a tube analog output
The Monarchy Audio Model 24 (M24) Digital Audio Converter is a 24/96 DAC with a tube analog output stage, as well as a tube line stage which can function as a line amp for other components. It employs premium components to play all convential CD’s and 24/96 CD’s.

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Reviewed by:aaudioman (AudioPhile)
Review Date: December 1, 2008
Overall Rating: 5 of 5
Value Rating: 5 of 5
Used product for: 1 to 3 months

Price Paid:  $1080.00 from Monarchy audio

The dac -24 is superb even against dacs in the $5-10k range , just read the reviews for starters. The newer unit has vacuum tube as well as solid state, and to have a line stage pre that is as good as a $3k unit is a huge bonus but as a dac myself being an Audiophile foor some 30 years and owning some expensive gear,I know a thing or two about sonics , one thing I just incorporated was the Monarchy DIP- upsampler whichs makes this dac and others even better, even without it it still will not be outclassed by any unit shy of $10k+ using great vintage vacuum tubes x2- 6922 really does help also. the heart of the system uses the legendary hand laser trimmed Burr Brown pcm63PK dacs which are one of the best ever made and now discontinued because of cost, 10 seperaate power supply and the great 1704 units, dual torroidal transformers for the  digital ,and analog sections. This unit weighs in at 15 lbs using all good quality Audiophile grade parts including the high grade German Wima capacitors, comment: Use a good grade power conditioner such as one from Furman and a good quality aftermarket powercord you will be highly rewarded ! This applys to all good quality audio.

Very natural sounding not etched detail like im many of these delta sigma New dacs . the soundstage is Huge the inner detail is very good with weight and dimentioality around the instruments ,and this vacuum tube unit ifs not bloomy sounding at all ,more like a solid state with weight and conviction the bass is also very solid. “One of the best buys in all of Audio” ,if you know anything about what real music sounds like then this is the unit for any sensible Audiophile !

you should turn the unit off ,and start and leave on for 1/2 hour to hear the tubes warmed up at their best , not necessary though , you can leave it on but if you have vintage tubes they will not last as long ,that is the only down side you can just order a matched pair of any 6922 and they will be happy.
No fancy casework if you want that plan to spend the $10k

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Wadia , BAT, Opera droplet, Dodson audio digital in the past Wyered 4 sound Ice switching amp with Capacitor options -per Excellence. All Voodoo Ultralinear cables throughout. Modded Consonance Cyber222-MK2 with all Vintage Vacuum tubes from the 1950s and a Oppo digital highly modified dvd-cd player used as a transport,:please note even a standard Oppo player workd well especialy when using the Monarchy DIP-digital ,interface processor – upsampler.

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