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Bose Acoustimass 5 Series III 3.1 BookShelf Speakers Highlighted Review

Bose Acoustimass 5 Series III
Bose Acoustimass 5 Series III
10 reviews
3.2 of 5
MSRP: $ 499.00
10 Reviews
0 Quick Ratings
3.20 of 5

Description: This 2-way 6″ bookshelf loudspeaker with MDF enclosure and Elliptical Oblate Spheroidal (EOS) waveguide reproduces sound with unparalleled spaciousness and definition. The PolyPlas (polymer-coated cellulose fiber) cone woofer features traditional JBL engineering; the same technologies used in JBL’s Professional equipment that can be found in stadiums, music halls and movie theaters around the world. Shielded components allow placement near video monitors. High-temperature, oversized Kapton® voice coil and HeatScape motor structure allow these speakers to effortlessly play all types of movies and music. The woofers are built on cast-aluminum frames, which reduce distortion and increase power-handling capability. A low-diffraction IsoPower baffle directs the sound power into the room, reducing distortion caused by cabinet vibration.The lock-mitred, computer-designed enclosure requires no bracing. The FreeFlow flared port increases bass response without adding unwanted port noise.

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Reviewed By: 1Inventor
Review Date: December 18, 2008

As an audio engineer and an avid speaker builder, they are definitely mass market, consumer speakers. The drivers on the satellites are roughly 25 cents worth, and the woofer, around $5.00. And you’re paying how much? Most of that cost is advertising expenses.

This is not bashing by any means but fact.
You can’t have quality with inferior parts. The knowledge of the parts cost should infuriate any level headed, sane consumer.

You can’t put a Yugo engine into a Corvette body and expect it to perform. S&*t in, S*&t Out.

Bose will not perform frequency plots or divulge other information besides power handling because it would make an informed/knowledgeable customers that their drivers can only go as high as 10 khz (shy of another 10 khz) and only as low as 40 hz. It would also show frequency anomalies that would deter costumers. Instead of educating their consumers, they program them to think ( in this case, not consider specifications ). Specifications are not the entire picture but they tend to represent good engineering.
I would not buy a car just because it looked good, not know what engine is in it and what its capabilities are, to justify its price.

Most consumers have never listened to a good system, and would not know any better. ” Better Sales through Advertising.” So most would buy what the masses(as ill informed) would buy.

If you truly want to know what sounds good, try listening to speakers from companies like Pradigm, Magnepan, PSB, Thiel and the likes…not necessarily to buy, but to have an idea as to what good is. then go back to your bose units and see how you’ve overpayed for them.

Better yet, due to your extreme loyalty to Bose, call to confirm how much the drivers cost, if they will even divulge that info.

They are average speakers that will amaze or satisfy or amaze the average joe.

25 cents each for the satellite speakers, $5.00 per woofer = $12.00 + particle board with laminate, wires and connectors, $18 manufacturing cost being sold for over $380? WOW!

Seriously folks – either you are so brainwahed by Bose, are you are just too cheap to buy a real system.

” Better Sales Through Advertising”

” No highs, No Lows, must be Bose.”

Overall Rating
1 of 5

Value Rating
1 of 5

Used product for
More than 1 year

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