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Check Out the Best Budget HiFi Guide for Products in the $200-$1200 Price Range

Supra Sword ~ $640+


Supra Sword interconnect cables made in  Sweden offer a open high end and concise and detailed mid range and bass.  An open stage and a crisp liveliness to the music.  The RCA connectors screw to get an exact fit and the cable is fairly manipulable.  One of the best interconnect cables I’ve heard under $1000.

Other Recommend Interconnect Cables- Blue Jean Interconnects


  • RCA & XLR
  • designed in accordance with Equalized Frequency Flow (EFF) Technique
  • tube shaped conductors with a wall thickness of 0.20mm
  • 0.5 mm2/conductor

PS Audio PerfectWave AC5~ $250

Power Cable

PS Audio PerfectWave power cables are a great way to easily upgrade the sound in your system.  If you are running standard power cords you most likely are not getting the most from your gear.  The AC5 is a great way to increase detail, soundstage, and increase the clarity of the mid-range without breaking your bank.  A perfect step into the cable after market.

Other Recommend Power Cables – PerfectWave AC12 – Granite Audio #560 – Supra Power Cable -


  • 10 gauge
  • double shielding
  • multiple gauge and shaped conductors
  • solid machined connectors

Read the Editorial Review of the AC5 & AC3

Blue Jean Cable LC-1 ~ $30+


Blue Jean Cable interconnects are a great way to increase staging and bass in your system.  A perfect first step above the run of the mill RCA interconnects you might find at RadioShack.  They Low Capacitance, quality build, and easy to manipulate design will take your system a couple steps up.  Recommended to match solid state amps or receivers in the sub $1000 range.

Other Recommend Interconnect Cables – Supra Sword


  • heavy double-braid shield
  • one bare copper braid laid directly over another for extreme high coverage and high conductivity to ground
  • 25 AWG
  • foaming the polyethylene dielectric
  • extremely low 12.2 pF/ft capacitance

Read more reviews of the PI-2 here

Granite Audio #560 ~ $600+

Power Cable

Granite Audio’s #560 power cable is fantastic.  It extends top end detail, clarifies the mid range, and brings equality to the bass.  For classical music, drum rolls, and anything large and low end this fills out the soundstage like no other I’ve heard while keep it clean and detailed.  Across many different amplifiers this power cord has tamed annoying high ends while keeping the detail and has made dynamic changes in the music more compelling and captivating. A fantastic power cable if you can afford it.

Other Recommend Power Cables – PS Audio PerfectWave AC5 & AC12


  • double filtered from DC to 1MHz with proprietary toroidal type filters
  • filter unwanted EMI & RFI
  • 15amp Hubbell & WATTaGATE plugs are UL & CSA approved
  • wires are UL, CSA, & MSHA approved to 600 volts
  • 5 foot and 8 foot cables
  • 10AWG

Supra Sword ~ $825+

Speaker Cables

Supra Sword speaker cables are a fantastic upgrade to a mid-range to high end priced system. The clarity and staging is fantastic and they offer a fast and engaging quality to the music.  Matched with the Supra Sword Interconnects the high end detail and realism opens up and the bass becomes clear, punchy, and fast.  Though with the combo it might not be as big as you might want, so pairing is essential.  Or a good power cable, Granite Audio #560 for example, can bring the bass out while keeping detail and speed.



  • bifilar wound litz conductors
  • 24 individually insulated wires
  • a non-inductive and phase-stable cable

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  • derek says:

    Monitor Audio speakers have always been a favorite choice for me. Smooth roll-off the highs, very tight sounding bass response without being overpowering, and mids that make your favorite vocalist sound even sweeter.

    Nice job of picking components that won’t break the bank.

  • adam says:

    Derek -

    Really – you found Monitor Audio speakers rolled off at the high end – not what I normally hear about them. What amplifier or rest of the system, source for instance, did you pair them with, or heard them paired with? Not saying they are harsh, but the RS6 I’ve heard had a slightly thin airy high end. Good if you were looking to hear the room in a recording, but definitely didn’t help with a black whole for a stage.

  • DBoy says:

    There is lot of PMP that sound better than iPod
    for less than 800

  • Jack says:

    For those of you who have trouble justifying big speakers to your significant other (like me), try the Silverline Minuets. They are small enough that they can sit on a desk and they absolutely rock. They go low enough that they don’t demand a sub but I recommend one.

  • Rubén says:

    Hi all,
    Iam newbie in this forum.
    Is the new Magnepan similar in soun dto the olds models?

    Best Regards

  • Rubén says:

    I currenlty have Apogee and for my they are not surpassed even today in the planar range.

  • Rubén says:

    I miss said that full planars like Apogee is very demanding on room space and position

  • Rubén says:

    But when they are paired with a good power amp is IMHO one of the more realistics speakers

  • Rubén says:

    A few years ago change the olds ribbons with new ones (manufactured in Australia) and sound even betters than the originals.
    More extended, transparency, air

  • Rubén says:

    For full potential the Divas must be actively biamped

  • Lorenqo says:

    planar speakers all sound wimpy and apogees require a amp you could use for arc welding to drive them properly. maybe there ar PMP that sound better than Ipod but they’re not tha good either. the Hifiman is a real audio product and with it’s versatility is a bargain reelly

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