Zenith IQB32B44W Standard Televisions


32-inch color TV; two tuner PiP; Guide Plus Gold; 2 S-Video, 2 Video, 1 Component Video; Color Temperature control; 800 Lines Resolution; Built-in 5-wpc front surround audio; Variable audio out

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Michael Jarve   Audio Enthusiast [Jun 30, 2000]

GuidePlus, Excelent Picture, Good A/V input panel, 2 tuner PiP


I find myself watching too much TV.

About two weeks ago my older 36-inch TV decided to take a much needed permanant rest after 10 great years of service. When I went about looking to purchase its replacement, I decided also to finally buy a new a/v cabinet. The only one I could find that fit all of my stuff and still fit in the listning room would fit only TVs 32-inches or less. So I began looking around for the usual suspects, Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, ect. It didn't even occur to me at first to stick with the same brand as my old TV, which was a Zenith. Viewing the other brands in the stores, I found myself always compairing them the my old Zenith. The Sony looked unnatural. The Toshiba had poor contrast. And the Panasonic looked crummy even after half an hour of adjustments. Then just by coincidence I happened by the same store that sold me my last TV. I took it immediately. The picture is sharp, colors are natural, and the picture has just enough softness as to make it seem more like film quality.
My only quible is the price was nearly double the cost of the lowest priced one I thought of buying and was overall the most expensive of the 6 or so I auditioned.

Similar Products Used: older 36-inch Zenith w/ Advanced System 3
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