Sharp 27 Television 27K S100 Standard Televisions

Sharp 27 Television 27K S100 Standard Televisions 


- Trilingual On-Screen Menu.
- MTS Stereo with Second Audio Program.
- Random Access Remote.
- Favorite Color.


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[Mar 04, 2003]
Audio Enthusiast


Big picture for its price, fairly compact for a 27 inch TV.


No S-video input, No RCA audio output, outdated.

At first glance: I bought this TV set about a year after Nintendo 64 came out, so that was maybe three years ago? The Sharp 27K-S100 27 inch TV looks like, well, a TV. The TV has a set of RCA inputs in the front and another set in the back, the coaxial cable connector is also in the back, and that is all the connection this TV accepts. Epinions states that this TV has a variable audio output with speaker on/off and V-chip, well that is not the case of my particular set. There are five buttons in the front: power, volume up/down, channel up/down, and that is it. Only the champagne-colored SHARP logo stands out from the 27 inch black blob. The remote is small and easy to use, consider this TV set has no special features. If you happen to lose the remote, good luck and be prepared to pay money for the OEM remote. Other than volume and channel up/down button on the set, all the other important controls are ONLY on the remote. Watching TV: So I had used this TV set for quite awhile, what did I have to say? Nada. I could say nothing about this TV because it was so plain and boring, it was just a typical TV set. Okay, I could comment on the compact size of the case, but the back cover of this set was cheaply made, and it rattles with my subwoofer and my center channel speaker, this could get really annoying at times. As for the picture quality, well, it was about as good as a typical TV set could do. I tweaked the picture controls using the Extras on the Fight Club DVD, the picture looked pretty good and all the sudden watching movies and playing video games got a lot more interesting. The tiny speakers built into the set were about as good as my alarm clock, but that was not a surprise; TVs were built to be seen, not to be heard. Conclusion: Overall the Sharp 27K-S100 TV set is pretty much outdated, it can't be compared to today's HDTV or any new TV sets for that matter, but how much can I expect from an old TV like this one?

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