Zenith Z42PX2D Flat Panel Televisions

Zenith Z42PX2D Flat Panel Televisions 


  • 852 x 480p Resolution
  • 5000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 1000 cd/m2 High Brightness
  • Aspect Ratio Correction


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[Mar 04, 2009]
Audio Enthusiast

I bought this set back in mid '05 after lengthy in-store evaluations. At that time the cost for just 720P Plasma in the 42" size was $3500-$4000. At the distances my wife and I sit, we both decided ED Plasma was all we needed for a few years until pricing came down and technology improved. It was a tough call between the Z42 and the venerable Panny EDTV but the quality of the side speakers and the extremely close PQ of the Zenith won out. I also knew I could get into the service menu of the Zenith (unavailable in the Panny) and do my own calibrating. This was and remains for me an absolute must considering the factory presets on most sets.

Well it is nearly four years later and I have to say this little Zenith still puts a big grin on my face. Plasma is still superior to LCD according to my eyes although LCD panels are getting better every model year. Remarkably, this humble Zenith EDTV passes every test on the Silicon Optics HQV disc, a feat not equaled by many sets costing a good bit more and also offering true HD. While SD quality is not the best and can show background artifacts with overly compressed signals, we rarely watch SD channels anymore. Sitting as we do at the proper distances for an ED panel, HD channels are off the charts, especially those broadcasting in 1080i. The set accepts 480i, 480P, 720P and 1080i. Even though the panel down-rezzes to 480P, higher resolution signals are outstanding and easily appreciated. Unlike even current LCDs of today, there is no motion blur with plasma so sports and and all other fast action is rendered without issue. And while not up to todays standards, the set's black level is still impressive and makes DVD viewing a real treat. As I do not game, burn-in has never been a problem. The set has several screen protection options anyway like orbiter which work very well and after nearly 4 years my screen is as clean as the day it was delivered. Remarkable considering I have fallen asleep a few times through the years with very high contrast DVD menus staring at me upon awakening.

We are waiting for FIOS to become available in our area and have been using Comcast HD service until then. Through the years we have had many techs in the house for Cablecard issues of which most Cable providers and end users suffer. I like using both the Cablecard and an HD DVR for setup options. Even though it has been a hassle to have the cards switched out when they go bad, it has provided me some useful feedback and perspective from the techs who have offered many unsolicited opinions on the excellent PQ of the Z42. It's always nice to hear good things from other folks about the purchases we make so this has been a bonus. Eventually we will move to a 50" Pioneer Kuro or similar quality set but until then I am more than happy with this little EDTV gem.

A wise man once said...."....have all that you want........but want what you have." I guess sticking with this little EDTV this long means I am content and for that I am grateful. Thank you Zenith.

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