Vizio Gallevia GV42LF 42 in. LCD TV Flat Panel Televisions

Vizio Gallevia GV42LF 42 in. LCD TV Flat Panel Televisions 


Such vivid color and exquisite picture quality. Capable of 1080P resolution, and built with a fast response panel, enjoy sports, action movies, and your favorite television show in life like imagery and color. You may think you are at the movie theater.


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[Nov 10, 2008]
Audio Enthusiast


Great picture.

Lots of hookups! 2 composites 2 a/v 1 rbg(computer D plug) HDMI and sound and more!


There are only two weaknesses I've found on this tv.
The biggest rub is the crappy sound! Yes, you can pay over $1K for a tv and get bad sound. Granted, I'm used to listening to everything from my Harman Kardon AVR520 so I'm kind of spoiled for good sound. However, the entire range of sound on this tv is muddy. Just pure crap. If thats all the sound I had I would refuse to watch anything unless I turned off the sound and turned on captioning. Its that bad.

Another less signifigant but a PITA is the time you get to switch to other video modes if the tv has powered down from lack of signal, you know, like how your monitor shuts itself off? The tv does the same when on RBG mode, computer video. Standard stuff really, but if you turn on the tv and it was last in RBG mode, you have all of a second, maybe two before it shuts off again. You have to be very fast switching to another mode. And RBG is the only mode where the tv will shut off. Go figure!

I'm surprised there are no reviews of this tv here. It is a popular model.
I almost bought into the plasma hype. I'm glad I didn't. I hear from a few friends they are getting burn in when they use it for a computer monitor as I do. The LCD won't do that.

I use this for my HD viewing as well as a computer monitor, as I mentioned above. This tv has all kinds of hook ups and if you can't figure out how to get it going on your cable, satellite or over the air broadcasts, and even your computer, you aren't trying hard enough.

I have a 20' cable sending my computer video to this so I can watch DVDs on it played from my computer. Why not? That way I don't need another expensive piece of technology. I use it to browse the internet too, and I'm writing this review on it with my bluetooth mouse and keyboard. It all works great and I hardly ever use the computer monitor. I set the video card for1024x768 resolution.

Picture quality is excellent. 1080i is quite nice, but I've seen 1080p and now it don't look quite so good. Damn leaps of technology anyway!!!!
The only rub on this tv are given below in weaknesses, and it does have one signifigant one! Read below to find out.

I have no qualms about recommending this model to friends and family, with one caveat. Read below.
As the centerpeice of my home theater system it shines with its contrast and resolution. The new models are all 1080p so there is no way to compare it with the new models. Seems you can't get this one anymore.

Customer Service

1.5 years and I've had no problems with this set. I hope it lasts until the 1800p sets come out.

OK, so they don't make 1800p sets yet. They will, or something like it, number wise.
I can't wait.

Similar Products Used:

Last tv was a giant, literally. A Zenith 35" tube tv that took two large men and an act of God to move. It was big! Probably 120 pounds, maybe more, and cumbersome to handle. I managed to give it away but refused to help. I've got a bad enough back and didn't relish an injury moving that one.

TV before that was a Sony 27" trinitron. Nothing great about it except its exceptionally long life. TV viewing got boring simply because I was watching the same one for so damned long! But better than the Zenith by far. The Zenith lasted 5 years and the picture started to fade. It didn't really die, just didn't work like it should. Instead of the 200 watt picture I got used to it turned into a 40 watt bulb, sort of.

The Sony went 9 years and died a dignified death, abrupt. It just quit working.

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