NEC 42VP4D Flat Panel Televisions

NEC 42VP4D Flat Panel Televisions 


  • Diagonal Size 42 in
  • HDTV Compatible
  • Aspect Ratio 16:9
  • Viewing Angle 160 degrees
  • Display Resolution 853 x 480
  • Pitch 1.08 mm
  • Progressive Scan Capability
  • 3:2 Pulldown Compensation
  • Audio Format Supported Stereo
  • Audio Controls Balance, Bass, Treble
  • Remote Control Remote control
  • Connectors Serial


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[Jan 02, 2004]
Audio Enthusiast


Vast amount of inputs; 2 component level, DVI, composite, S, etc. Top quality deinterlacer. Great color. Very intuitive remote.


None that I've found so far. Has exceeded every expectation; particulary in the area of the fabled "Panisonic blacks".

This review is for the NEC 42VP4; not the NEC 42VP4D model, which is made for high intensity lighting areas (stores, TV studios) and would be unsuitable for HT use. Also, the retail on this unit is around $4200 I believe. After much hand wringing, I finally got the courage up to part with my 3 Grand and do Plasma for my bedroom. I've betting getting sick of the 20" CRT in there, and I've got to use the RPTV in my home theater for a few more years before I can justify getting rid of it (so I can't justify putting plasma down there). I decided to buy an industrial unit from a dot-com, because I didn't want to pay for over priced speakers or some half-assed NTSC tuner. Besides, I easily get cross-threaded with retail know-nothings that want to stuff 40 points in their pockets for almost no added value. My Dad has a HD Fugitsu and an ED Panny at his home (which I find the PQ indistinguishable with an HD source at 13 feet), so I've been primed on buying a ED Panny for a long time. No doubt the blacks are great. I went for the NEC sight unseen (within $50 of each other) for the following reasons: 1. Availability: I wanted a Panny, but 6 week wait everyplace I checked 2. Lots and lots of inputs: You'd have to shovel another $200-300 at Panny to get the modules that would give you similar connectivity 3. On site service vs. take it down and drive it somewhere for the Panny 4. Brand loyalty; I've got a 26" NEC CRT thats nigh on to 16 years old in the family room, and it's no doubt the best made most reliable TV I've ever owned. At first, I was a little pissed at the .com for charging me $200 for the Chief flat bracket, but it is really well made with nicely machined parts. Doing a wall mount installation with wall-fishing the cables is no small job! Took most of the afternoon. I can see why the brick and mortars want $400-500 to do the job. My signal sources are not the best: 1. Standard Dish Network via S-video (looks surprisingly good) 2. Five year old interlaced Toshiba DVD via component inputs The NEC has a great deinterlacer, very clean conversions. The DVE disc helped improve the blacks a great deal. How the NEC compares directly with the Panny I'm not sure yet, as I am relying on memory and vastly different signals. The NEC remote is very intuitive, and the number of signal inputs is amazing. I'm very happy with the unit; would buy it again today.

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