LG 32LC2D 32 in. HDTV LCD Television Flat Panel Televisions

LG 32LC2D 32 in. HDTV LCD Television Flat Panel Televisions 


Enjoy stunning picture quality on this 32" HDTV. With 7 aspect ratio adjustment modes, 3 color temperature adjustment modes and 7 picture selection modes, you can be sure that your TV's picture is just the way you like it.


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[Sep 20, 2007]


brightness is high for lcd, 1080p for $1,006 dollars, saves power by being lcd instead of plasma. surround sound speakers built in, got on sale, looks really big for a 32 inch. does 720p as well, ready for any hd source, numerous features, billions of colors, can hook your computer up to it, flawless picture. has record outs!! the XD engine helps the picture look a lot more realistic, like night and day. can adjust the picture to make 4:3 look more like 16:9.


watching standard definition in hd ;p

true contrast bright as day, like a flashlight, more than enough inputs for any connection, can upconvert the picture to hd with a player, looks amazing on any dvd 480p. beats any computer monitor by far. kinda expensive compared to others like it that could cost half, but its cause of quality, plus LG has value too. i've seen 50 inch hd's for up to $30,000, so $1,006 for a 32 inch is suprisingly superior times 10 next to a tube tv. i actually prefer my old standard def tv for those 480i sources, cause it looks sharper and less like watching it on a cpu screen that too white, but you'll find no weaknesses in any hd source, so don't get me wrong. i've played Nintendo 64 with Goldeneye 007 and have had an easier time finding enemies in the dark. there's noticeable detail on Gran Turismo HD at 1080p, like playing it through the eye of a magnifying glass, pixel for pixel. intimidating screen size up-close from 2 feet away.

Customer Service

has a one year warranty that can be extended if you pay $

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none, this is my first hdtv.

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