Zenith IQC50H95W Rear Projection

Zenith IQC50H95W Rear Projection 


- Advanced Scan Velocity Modulation.
- Three 7"" CRTs with Digital Convergence and Dynamic Focus.
- MTS Stereo with SRS Front Surround.
- 24 Watts of Stereo Power.
- Trilingual Icon Menu System with Bit Map Graphics.
- Favorite Channel Scan with P-I-P Surf.


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[Aug 16, 2002]
Casual Listener


I have been pretty impressed with the video quality both s-video and component through use of DVD and HDTV external tuner (RCA DTC-100). Plenty of inputs for multiple sources.


It suffers from the same progressive video bug as the Hitachi where the RPTV video shuts down during sudden screen intensity transitions like the inputs were being overloaded. The Pitch Black trailer on the U-571 DVD is a prime example of this bug. Zenith service is a roll of the dice. I had an 'authorized' service person attempt to fix this problem without knowing what was wrong and he screwed up my convergence and could not figure out how to fix it. Other service people wanted to take my TV for a month. I said forget it, I will do it myself. I am glad I didn't give it to them because they went out of business some time later. No VGA connector for use with the RCA DTC-100.

This Zenith Inteq RPTV is essentially the guts of a Hitachi FDX01B stuffed into a Hitachi 4:3 analog chassis with some Zenith tweaks. I can't tell if it was a 43 scaled up to 50" or a 53" scaled down. Although you might be able to find this TV for less than the equivalent Hitachi, I would advise against the Zenith because of their spotty service. Hitachi has a wider range of service and you will probably be more satisfied in the long run.

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