Mitsubishi WT-42313 Rear Projection


  • PerfectColorâ„¢ color control system (allows for independent control of 6 colors)
  • MonitorLinkâ„¢ input for connection to the HD-5000 HDTV Receiver/Controller (upgrade)
  • Numerous inputs and outputs

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smalavenda   Audio Enthusiast [Jun 16, 2004]

Great price, great picture, small footprint relative to screen size, easy to navigate through menu, easy to use manual, easy to use remote, and numerous inputs including DVI.


Pixel Multiplier not the best.

I think that this is a great TV for the price. I was originally looking at HD tube TV's because I live in an apartment and didn't want to move a huge TV when it comes time to leave in about a year. After shopping around though, I realized that for a little more money, I could get something 6 inches bigger and much lighter. The Mitsubishi originally caught my eye because of its small built in speaker. Most rear projection TVs have very large built in speakers meaning they should probably sit right on the floor resulting in the loss of space for other components beneath the TV. These speakers are also useless to me since I have a surround sound system and turn the TV speakers off anyway. After doing a little research, I found out that this Mitsubishi TV has all the bells and whistles of other TVs in its price range and unlike most it also has a DVI input. At the store I compared the picture to other TVs and it was better than average. Once it went on sale, I had to get it. The TV has numerous inputs, (1)DVI, (2) component, (2) coax, and (3) video so there is plenty of space to hook up all of my accessories which include Xbox, (2) DVDs, cable box, and receiver. The inputs are on the side of the TV as stated in the previous post but the TV comes with a side panel that can be used to hide these inputs from view. The TV's setup menu is very easy to navigate through as is its manual. I almost wish the manual was a little more technical but that's just because I'm a geek. The remote is also very easy to use. The PIP function is great. You can pretty much make the PIP do anything you want it to. The TV comes with Mitsubishi's DPM3 interlace upconverter aka: pixel multiplier. I don't think this pixel multiplier works with the DVI input. I run my cable through the DVI and the picture was very wavy until I turned the cable box's upconverter on. I have a Panasonic progressive scan DVD player hooked up to the component inputs. I experimented and noticed that the picture from DVDs seem to be a little bit crisper when using the Panasonic upconverter so I leave that one turned on instead of relying on Mitsubishi’s. There is also a built in automatic color adjuster (PerfectColor) that can be used on a 480I signal. I tuned the TV’s color myself using the Avia DVD and it ended up being almost as good as it was using PerfectColor so I leave that function off. I think that it is important to remember thought that this is Mitsubishi's lowest line of HDTV so obviously the DPM3 is not their best upconverter and there are no built in digital tuners. So far I am very happy with my purchase and think that I got the best TV I could have gotten for the price I paid. The picture is good, the inputs are plentiful, and its a lot bigger than anything I had before.

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