Mitsubishi WL-82913 Rear Projection

Mitsubishi WL-82913 Rear Projection 


  • PerfectColor Precision 6-way color correction
  • 1080p x 1920 Pixel Resolution
  • 200 Watt Lamp
  • Diffusion Screen
  • FireWire (IEEE 1394) interface
  • MonitorLink /DVI HDCP Input


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[Aug 22, 2007]
Melody Hermes
Audio Enthusiast


This product is very cool when working. It makes movies, games, and just watching tv a great experience.


All I can say is if you buy this product get a warranty. We have had nothing but problems with it. Even with a warranty alot of people don't seem to know what to do to fix it because they do not see them very often. Parts for it are very expensive and it is frustrating to try and get it repaired.

Our Family purchased this tv in 2005. It was a floor model sale at Fry's Electronics. For the first 4 months it was great and we had a good picture and really enjoyed it. Our family is really into football and have people over frequently to watch games (which is one of the main reasons we purchased the TV). Also we love to play video games and this tv makes them so much more fun with the 82 inch screen. We were thrilled with our new purchase until after 4 months the picture was not quite so good and dark scenes in movies we rented were almost pitch black. We had a 4 year warranty so we called to get it repaired. We had repair people say that this tv was just dark and when we showed them how dark they replied "wow that’s really dark". So after messing with the color and going through countless of menu options and having Mitsubishi certified repair people give it updates the picture is a little better but still very dark with movies that have dark scenes in them. Since July of this year (2007) the tv has been shutting off by itself and a red lamp light comes on. We called the warranty people and the have sent certified Mitsubishi techs out. Each time they come out the have to order a new lamp which does not fix the problem and within the hour the red light comes on and the tv shuts itself off and is unusable. After 3 weeks of not having a TV (because nobody seems to be able to fix it) I decided to go to the web site and get a lamp myself. Well it turns out the lamps for these are over $400 dollars! I was a little surprised by how much parts cost for this thing but what did I expect this tv is supposed to be top of the line. Isn't it? Needless to say we have gone from being excited and thrilled with this product to being extremely disappointed. We still do not have it working and it sits useless in our living room while we keep calling to make appointments to have it repaired over and over. No movies, no games, and sadly no football for us. Also this was a very expensive purchase for our family even so we got a floor model price and we can not afford to go out and purchase another.

Customer Service

I tried calling Customer service and I got connected to someone in the Philippines!
I couldn't understand them very well (although they were speaking English but had a very thick accent) and it seemed they had trouble understanding me too.

Similar Products Used:

We have used a lot of products from Mitsubishi. In fact the big screen we replaced with this one was a Mitsubishi. We had it for years without a single problem going wrong with it. The only reason we got a new one was because we wanted something that was HD capable. I have to say, before this TV we really liked Mitsubishi products and it was one of the reasons we made this purchase, but now we might be a little wary of them and may consider other manufactures.

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