Marantz PV 6480W Rear Projection

PV 6480W

The Marantz PV6480W HDTV-Ready Rear Projection Television is a state-of-the-art 64-inch widescreen (16:9) television that delivers spectacular high-definition picture quality by implementing 9-inch CRT's with a superior digital comb filter, first surface mirror, and high resolution screen assembly. The PV6480W is compatible with DTV set-top tuners and can display ATSC digital TV formats of 480i, 480p, and 180i up to a full 1920 by 1080 interlaced TV image. The PV6480W incorporates the advanced digital video technologies and premium quality optics to provide unsurpassed image quality, and can accommodate any analog or digital video source including the VGA/SVGA output from a computer. The Marantz PV6480W offers a host of performance and convenience features that make it the ideal big-screen TV for a high-end home theater entertainment system. Remote operation of the PV6480W is just a fingertip away with inclusion of the award-winning RC5000i Touchscreen Programmable Universal Remote Control.

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Jeff   Audiophile [Jan 17, 2002]

This set should be viewed as the reference HD rear projection set on the market, period. If the 9" CRT's were it's only asset, they alone would probably merit this statement. As a 12 year veteran in the realm of A/V gear, and a licensed ISF technician since 1994, I have come across many RPTV's and front projection systems. All seem to have their own strengths and weaknesses. The PV6480, after proper calibration mind you, will convince you that there is one set without many weaknesses, especialy with high definition material. Color, contrast, black levels and grey scale are almost all perfectly rendered and with with such focus and precision that a well set up Elite PRO set looks bland and soft in comparison. The ticket for this ride is not cheap, but if you want the best than look no further. Check out for listing of the professional reviews and you will see that most who review it use it as the standard all other sets measured against.


Lacks upconversion feature for low quality interlaced sources that is included on some newer sets. Answer: Buy a DVDO IScan+ for $600.00 and enjoy!

Very expensive but worth every penny. The only thing that will display HD material more accurately, would probably be a well calibrated Sony G90 front projection system. And if you think the Marantz is expensive, better check the price on the Sony (and it doesn't included a scaler/doubler)!

Similar Products Used: I have calibrated and installed most brands of sets.
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