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50" Projection TV

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Este   Audiophile [Oct 20, 1999]

Excellant Picture. The best I have seen in a projection TV. Clearest Image, color, and sound is exceptionaly accurate in sound. ease of use is very easy. A 160 degree viewing angle.


The Remote control is a bit difficult to use.

If you are planning to buy a 50" projection television that is Digital ready, go with this one. Hitachi has really done there homework in providing the best projection television in its class. Of all the 50" projections out there that I have viewed from Mitsubishi, Sony, Panasonic to Toshiba, Hitachi won my vote. This TV is digial ready with all the great accessories. The color and Imaging is unlike any projection TV I have seen. It is full and warm. The speakers are very accurate in detail. And the one item that most intrest me is the viewing point. The viewing point is how far you can move to the side of the TV and still see the picture clearly. The Hitachi is the only Projection that can be seen at an amazing 160 degree angle. All other S I have seen only have an 120 degree viewing angle. There are some great bonuses on this TV besides Picture in picture. There are sound EQs Sports, TV, and Movies which optimize the sound, Brightness, contrast, tint, color, sharpness, everything for the best picture in what you are watching. And if you feel that the sound is not detailed enough for you optimize it yourself. It also has an Artificial intelligence which keeps the TV at its Best by keeping the sound level normal on every channel and while watching movies. Also when the screen gets to dark in a scene of a movie or when the screen is to dark to see whats happening it brightens it for you so you can see whats happening and when it s to bright it darkens it to the right level all doing this unoticebly all the time For the best Picture and sound in seconds. It also has an Magic focus. If the Tv is actually bumped which would have to be a very large bump or when moving the Tv or over a period time. The image will be un focused. When pressed this Item will take 2 min and restore everything into focus. And the time period is around I believe it says in the book 6 months. But I pressed it once in January 1999 when I got it to get everything in Focus. It is now going on November and it is still in Focus you will see if it is not in focus. It also as SRS. sound Retrieval System using a 3-D effect only coming out of the fornt speakers which by the way houses a 2" tweeter and a 4" midrange anda 6 " woofer in side the TV housed by a tuned port. If you are watching two channels at once you can use your headphones for either the small or the main picture. Or both with 2 headphone jacks supported in the back of the television along with all the Surround sond hookups. The Universal remote can be used with any brand. The Tv is also on rollers for better transporting. And it is not heavy. The only minus, I find it a bit difficult to use. You have to point it straight at the TV for it to work. That is the only minus. Everything else is excellant. The price is $3000. and I believe it is a great buy for such a great TV. I As well believe there is a 5 year parts and labor for free with the purchase of the television. another $25.00 for an additional 5 years if you would like. You as well pay for the Shield that goes over the TV to protect the screen and give you the best clearity without the shield not only could you damage the screen but clearity is not at its best. This item sells for $100.00 all together runs like I said to about $3000.00. If any questions post them to Este leave your e-mail adress and I will get back to you on your Question .

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