Tannoy Sensys R Surround Speakers

Sensys R

  • Cutting edge technology
  • Stereo and multi channel A/V system
  • Exceptional loudspeakers

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Soundlover   AudioPhile [Sep 29, 2012]

ugly bugs ball : )

These are an odd range of speakers, and the sensys R is no exception in fact it’s the ugly baby. Strange design which is upside down but I can understand this for rear use and the depth is very shallow this again makes it ‘good’ for mounting on rear walls etc.

I don’t use these for rears I use them as mains but I do use a subwoofer however you don’t really have to. They are a good bit larger than most conventional satellite speakers so they are better when it comes to using them as a full range main speaker. Ive had lots of quality compact monitors over the year so the styling of these for me takes some getting used to. They look a bit like the speakers of old where the speakers were usually wider than deeper. And the grills also have a silly bulge in them, I just think they are odd.

What I do like very much is the sound quality these are high resolution speakers with beautiful detail, its easy to pick out instruments and voices sound natural and very real, great bass for their size also even though they are a sealed design. The metal tweeter sounds airy clear and adds great rasp to metallic instruments, no were near as bright as I thought it would be. I had a set of highly sort after speakers which were 3x the retail cost of these but the tannoy were actually much better at least in my system. It just shows that the way components are matched and also the room they are used sometimes makes the biggest difference regardless of cost,brand or reviews.

I have literally owned hundreds of speakers ( and much better looking ones) but I took a chance on these and Im glad I did, just got to get use to the look.

Badges do pull off so you can turn them them round to use them like conventional speakers. The tweeter mesh cover is hard to remove on mine anyway and in end I just left it there, I just wanted a look at the supertweeter with it off : )

Sound is 5 stars overall 3 would be harsh so 4

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