Orb Audio Mod2 Designer Home Theater Speaker System Surround Speakers

Orb Audio Mod2 Designer Home Theater Speaker System Surround Speakers 


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[Mar 26, 2006]
Audio Enthusiast


Excellent customer service and support.
Awesome sound that fills the room, full smooth range of sound


Takes a little patients and adjusting to get set up right
Hard to dust :)

When I first recieved my orb mod2s with the subwoofer I was fairly disappointed. The seemed to be no midrange. I was in all fairness workin with an older Yamaha reciever, which after talking with the guys at Orb was severely underpowered. I also needed to mess around with the settings and levels. I got it to sound half decent. Using the information I had recieved I used the lower power as an excuse to the wife to get a new reciever. I went with the Denon. After some getting used to the new reciever and some extra tweaking these are the best sounding speakers. very well defined highs which flow very well with the excellent midrange I have now. The sub is great too. plenty of base, enough to shake my walls even at lower levels. I can't say enough about the customer service at orb. They spent all the time necessary to help me get the sound I desired out of their fine product. They would even call me back when they were already closed to help me.

Customer Service


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