KEF Q800DS (Cherry) Surround Speakers

KEF Q800DS (Cherry) Surround Speakers 


Get the full effect with KEFs Q800ds dipole rear surround speakers. Built with Uni-Q arrays for playing out of phase, ambient 3D effects are perfectly diffused throughout the room for unbelievable Im there sound imaging.


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[Apr 08, 2014]
Jim Pittsburgh

As happy as I have been with my KEF Q series HT system, I've struggled with getting the imaging the same L/R. I stumbled across an article that said to check the Q800ds for phase / matched pair using a battery... and in so doing discovered that I did not have a matched pair, but rather two that are exactly the same... the result being that no matter how they were set up one side would be in phase and the other out of phase when used as side surrounds and if used as rear surrounds the center could never be correct. If you are using Q800s you should check yours!

Although I have had good service in the past from my dealer accessories4less, but they have been uncooperative on this issue. So, I proceeded to rewire my 1 year old +$560 pair of speakers myself....which sucked! and took longer than it should have... I should never have had to do this...

The results though were well worth the effort and now the sound is correct and even L/R in the room.

Also, when I pulled the Q800s down off their stands to do the check I found that a 3" corner piece of the black laminate pealing from a bottom corner... again still nothing from the dealer... except to reglue it yourself. LOL I let him know on 7/17/13 You should check yours....

Noteworthy is that in my large room (18' x 20' with a 14' cathedral ceiling) I was never able to get the sound as "full" as I expected using the Q800s for sides and Ventura 5s for rears... once I sorted the Q800s I moved them to the rear and moved an old pair of Dahlquist dq-16s that I had in another system into the side surround position.... what a wonderful difference... sound is now everything I hoped for when I built the HT system... even for music! (using Q900s for mains and a Q600 for center channel)... the Q800s just didn't have the output necessary to fill the room the way it needed to be..

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